Top 5 Altcoins That Will Explode In The Third Quarter Of 2021

There is a saying: take every opportunity while you can. Most cryptocurrencies have yet to accumulate enough volume to continue their bullish momentum. We assume that now is the time to take the opportunity. Here are some altcoins to watch out for in the third quarter of 2021.


Top 5 Altcoins That Will Explode In The Third Quarter

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ADA appears to have stabilized recently following the May-June hurricane, with prices hovering between $ 1.4 and $ 1.02 for the past week. For now, at least, we can confirm the strong support at USD 1.02 and resistance at USD 1.40.

All in all, a trendline formed from February 15th to June 21st seems to tell us that the overall uptrend is still intact. We expect it to move sideways as we watch the USD 1.40 resistance.

When this resistance is broken and the price closes above it, volume begins to rise and a sustained uptrend follows.

Ontology Network (ONT)

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Source: TradingView

On June 21, ONT slid below the USD 0.8 support. This decline is believed to be caused by similar movements in Bitcoin, causing other coins to depreciate.

ONT is a great project with a dedicated team that has made a name for itself in the DeFi area. It’s also a relatively low-capitalized asset of around $ 635 million and is on the top watchlist this month.

The entire focus is now on the USD 0.8 resistance level. We could see the price drop below this area temporarily in the coming days as it is in a solid position to break this resistance and maintain an upward move.

Star (XLM)

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Stellar is a blockchain-based payment protocol introduced in 2014 by Jed McCaleb, co-founder of Ripple.

It’s one of the top performing coins and has been recognized for its great track record of team updates and continuous development.

XLM kept its stable shape when it bounced off the $ 0.22 support level, which is extremely important. The price now appears to be between that support and $ 0.35 which is a good sign at the moment.

In the coming days, it is possible that a neutral course pattern will develop. If this area holds together, XLM is well positioned to break the $ 0.35 mark and resume the uptrend. The question is not how, but when.


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Through July 2, 2021, STMX continued to rise, reaching a price of $ 0.022. Looking back over the past week, investors have high expectations for this coin as it is one of the few coins that has risen steadily from its low of $ 0.01.

STMX is a worth seeing project as it has worked with online retailers and enables users to earn STMX and other cryptocurrencies when they shop at one of their online store partners. . With the increased demand for online shopping, STMX will also increase in value over time. STMX also belongs to the low cap category, which has the potential for higher returns.

$ 0.03 is the price to watch out for as it is an impressive cap. Once this level is broken and the price begins an uptrend, the likelihood of a rebound to an all-time high of $ 0.1 and higher is very high.

Telecommunication (TEL)

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Source: TradingView

TEL is stuck in an increasingly narrowing neutral triangle. This is a great pattern to use as neutrality shows the current investor confidence.

Telcoin is trying to use the blockchain network to enable inexpensive and fast international money transfers. This allows people to send and receive money over the network faster, more reliably, and more intelligently. If price breaks out of this tight pattern, this year’s ATH rebound from $ 0.064 could come faster than you imagine.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to keep track of Bitcoin’s evolution. All of these price charts just seem to follow the general trend of BTC, but they move faster and have a high ROI.

You can see the coin prices here.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only, not investment advice. Investors should research carefully before making a decision. We are not responsible for your investment decisions.


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