Review GEMUNI (GENI) and (GENIX) – An innovative and exciting gaming universe in the next 2022

Welcome to GEMUNI – An Casual Gaming Universe. Cryptocurrency was not the sole use case for blockchain, which led to its disruption. Now, its game-changing applications appear more hype than reality. Not in gaming. They claim gaming will be the first major use case for blockchain in the business. With Blockchain, the industry might be totally restructured, with games becoming more immersive and boundary-less than ever before. How gaming overcomes remaining obstacles will be studied by other sectors contemplating mass adoption.

What is GEMUNI?

GemUni is creating a Decentralized Universe of Casual Games in which anybody can participate in Entertaining, Easy, and Earning Games. Users can engage in addicting casual games with short playtimes and high levels of enjoyment while monetizing their experiences through gaming platform rewards and GENI Pass NFTs transactions.

GemUni is divided into two ecological systems: GENI and GENIX.

  • Users can earn more in the GENI ecosystem by utilizing our diverse Defi mechanics and trading NFT items on the GemUni’s NFT marketplace. The GENI token serves as the project’s primary currency, allowing users to purchase GENI Passes that grant access to gaming networks and other NFT assets.
  • The in-game cryptocurrency, the GENIX token, enables users to purchase game tickets and earn prizes. Users can enjoy a variety of addictive casual games with short playtimes and high levels of enjoyment while monetizing their experiences through gaming platform incentives in the GENIX ecosystem

Outstanding Features

What is the project trying to achieve?

GemUni, which is built on the Binance Smart Chain, promises to leverage the experiences of multiple gaming communities through the addition of new blockchain functionalities. It strives to be the “Decentralized Steam” for Casual Games – a one-stop-shop for outstanding GameFi experiences for everyone. They will eventually introduce more complex applications and more vivid experiences as a Metaverse for Casual Games. Users can earn and play in a variety of game modes, benefit from a variety of Play to Earn features and interact with other gamers from around the world.

What is the unique selling point?

GENI Passes 

NFT GENI Passes are used as GemUni gaming membership cards. They allow users to connect to gaming networks and make money. Each of the five levels of GENI Passes (BEP-721 standard) has a different value. In Practice, PvE, and PvP modes, each Pass generates a different quantity of game tickets per day.

Stone Passes allow players to play games in Practice Mode exclusively, whereas Topaz lets them to play in all PvE and PvP modes. Through Ruby Pass, users can play in all game types like Topaz users, and they have higher opportunities to gain in PvP. Diamond is the highest-level GemUni gaming pass, granting infinite PvP tickets and maximum returns.


With innovative Play to Earn mechanisms, users may tokenize the gaming experience. Users earn at a rate that varies according to their GENI Pass level. All earnings are credited to the User Pass Profile in the form of GENIX.


Users can play to get familiar with the games, but cannot earn. 


This mechanic applies to PvE High Score and Leaderboard modes. 

High Score Mode 

Users will earn different amounts of GENIX, according to score ranges 1-100 on the platform. The maximum GENIX earning users can have is 125 GENIX per game ticket

Leaderboard Mode 

The top 10 highest-scoring users in the daily leaderboard of each game will earn rewards. The maximum reward for each leaderboard is 125 GENIX/user/game/day, and it will decrease proportionally by the ranking. There are 12 leaderboards per game every day

If no one participates in Leaderboard mode, the awards will be abandoned and will not be accumulated. If less than ten players choose the Leaderboard mode in a game, the rewards will be distributed according to the table.


 This mechanic applies to PVP 1 vs 1, Team vs Team, and Battle Royale modes

GENI Pass levels require different deposits to earn. Each PVP combat winner will receive a 75% payout from the Battling Pool (25 percent is the pool fee, part of which will be contributed back to the gaming reward pool).

ROI Calculator 

The project assessed the maximum values that users can acquire after 12 months of playing games to earn. The higher Pass levels, the higher-earning rates.

ALL about casual games

To create a Universe of Casual Games, the project brings in popular and addictive casual games.

  Puzzle/Trivia & Brain 

To solve a puzzle made up of words, colors, forms, numbers, physics, or complex rules, players must utilize their brains in this gameplay. They frequently aim for a high score or to advance to the next level.

Arcade & Action 

Arcade & Action is a genre that emphasizes physical challenges, including hand-eye coordination and reaction time. Players’ goal is to get as far as they can to maximize their score. 


Simulation games are meant to replicate real-life circumstances. In most games, players can freely control characters and/or the environment.


Lifestyle games are ones that players master as hobbies. They are usually profound, but not always complex. It usually require two players.


Racing games allow users to compete in real-world or fantasy racing leagues. The goal is to outrun opponents and crush barriers.


Sports games include team, track and field, extreme, and combat sports. Some games focus on actual sports, while others focus on strategy and sport management.

Party & Music 

Party & Music games usually feature dancing or musical instrument simulation. Players must push buttons in the order shown on the screen. They can compete in multiplayer games or work together as a simulated musical ensemble.

Idle Clicker

Idle Clicker can be understood as an automatic game. Players only need to interact very little in the game, and the rest will be controlled by the computer. 

 NFT Marketplace 


GemUni’s NFT marketplace connects all users on the platform to buy & sell GENI Passes and Game Items, using GENI and other cryptocurrencies. 

NFT Items 

GENI Passes and in-game items are listed for sale on the marketplace as NFTs

  • Users buy GENI Pass NFTs from our official store to access gaming networks and play games. They can also sell or transfer them to other users to earn coins.  
  • In-game assets are categorized into specific games and seasonal collections. Users can freely trade, sell, or gift their tokenized NFTs. 

Moreover, NFT items are also listed on other blockchains and non-blockchain platforms to gain more interest and increase higher liquidity. 

NFTs Explorer

 Users can explore, browse and search for NFTs by game categories, seasonal collections, etc. in the GemUni platform to trade their favorite ones. 

NFTs Creator 

GemUni mints NFT in-game items using tools, providing users diverse options to buy & Sell in the marketplace. 

DEFI Mechanics

GemUni is constructing a decentralized Universe of Casual Games that redefines GameFi:

  • Farming Users can earn GENI by adding GENI or token pairs (GENI with other cryptos) to available farming pools. 
  • Staking Users can stake their GENI or NFTs for a fixed amount of time to earn more coins. 
  • Burning GemUni will take out a part of our revenue to buy back GENI and burn it to prevent inflation. 
  • Lending Users can make a loan of GENI to buy GENI Passes with an interest of around 0.05%/day (this rate will be updated according to the market demand at the time). 
  • Leasing GENI Pass holders can lease their passes to other users to earn coins. 
  • Reward Game rewards are earned in the form of GENIX. The initial exchange rate is GENIX = 0.001 ~ GENI, then the exchange rate will vary according to the market. 



Through its integration with Binance Smart Chain, GemUni can create high-performance decentralized applications while improving the exchange’s speed and user-friendliness. To improve interoperability, GemUni will soon enable cross-chain technologies. In this way, it will help move NFT assets, tokens, or data from one blockchain to another. Tokens from Binance Smart Chain can be readily bridged to other networks.


In order to protect users’ NFT assets from fraud and theft, the GemUni platform uses blockchain security, combining on-chain and off-chain layers (AWS Free Tier). The platform will be thoroughly tested for security and performance before the final launch. It also collaborates with technical audit partners to undertake product development reviews.


Technical Data

Key metrics

GENI and GENIX are two types of currency used across the GemUni platform:

  • GENI token serves as the primary cryptocurrency for the project. $GENI is critical to the long-term viability of the Gemuni game’s play-to-earn economy.
  • GENIX token is the cryptocurrency used in the game.

 Their ability to be converted back and forth makes it much more convenient for users to Play to Earn.

Main Token – GENI

  • Token name: GemUni
  • Ticker: GENI
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Token type: Utility
  • Smart Contract: Updating
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 GENI

In-game Token – GENIX

  • Token Name: GENIX
  • Ticker: GENIX
  • Total Supply: Unlimited

Token Allocation 

The total of GENI will be allocated into the following categories:

Token Sale

Token Rease Schedule

The vesting plan is shown in the below table:

Token Use Case

Main Token – GENI

  • Staking & Farming: Token holders can deposit GENI for a fixed amount of time to earn interest
  • Payment: Token holders pay GENI for GENI Passes to access gaming networks & play games to earn and NFT items to trade on the GemUni’s NFT marketplace
  • Reward: Token holders will be rewarded GEMI when referring new GENI Pass users. Additionaly, they can convert GENIX to earn game rewards in the form of GENI
  • Voting/Govermance: Token holders can vote on some proposed platform operations and new features development. They can use GENI to support community developers, gaming studios, and artist centers for building new games and NFTs on the platform

In-game Token – GENIX

The primary utilities of the token are:

  • Buy game Tickets
  • Rewards usersFor minting NFTs Paragon, Land, Item

How to own the token

They will have Community Airdrop (Follow their Twitter and join Discord Community for more information)

Market and Community 







Gaming Partner

The project collaborates with both game studios/publishers/developers and game content creators in order to assist businesses in monetizing their gaming content and diversifying their game portfolio and activities.

Alternative Project


This NFT and blockchain-based gaming metaverse allow users to amass digital monsters and employ them in battle royales. Unlike other collectible card games, Binamons reside on the Binance Smart Chain. From collecting Binamons to battle rounds and multiplayer, the platform has it all. Users can also stake their NFT Binamons for tasty returns. Binamon makes blockchain gaming with NFTs entertaining and easy.


Splinterlands is a new take on the play-to-earn genre. Previously known as Steem Monsters, the trading game runs on the Hive blockchain. In Splinterlands, players battle monsters for prizes.


Current trends in gaming are continuing on the rise, and GemUni is slated to release a Beta version of its software in the near future. The information Coincu examined above also shows that the project is well-invested and appealing to players due to the fact that the game rules are very clear, and that the UI/UX designs are visually appealing and colorful. In addition, the amount of participation on community channels is pretty high, indicating that the project is very interested in and up to date with its users, which is encouraging. The advisor team and the team, on the other hand, have a short token lock term of only 6 months, and the money is paid out in installments over a period of 12 to 18 months. The team’s long-term dedication to the game is not reflected in this decision.

In summary, in order to make an investment decision, you must have up-to-date project information available in the near future, as well as a proper capital allocation for risk management.

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DISCLAIMER: The Information on this website is provided as general market commentary, and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.


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