Cryptocurrency Market 11/21/2021: Bitcoin Reaches $ 60,000, Crypto Market Recovers 

Cryptocurrency market November 21, 2021: After BTC hit an all-time high, BTC is gaining bearish momentum. Today, however, the leading digital currency is starting to rise slightly, hitting the $ 60,000 mark again.

Similarly, ETH is also bouncing back, while altcoins create a mixed and indecisive pattern.

Cryptocurrency Market 11212021 Bitcoin Reaches 60000 Crypto Market Recovers

Cryptocurrency Market 11/21/2021: Bitcoin Price

Before that, Bitcoin fell to the $ 55,000 mark as local support levels failed to hold the token’s value. This halving also resulted in a decline in several other tokens as they lost most of their revenue. However, since then, BTC has grown steadily. While Bitcoin is still 8.30% below last week’s high, it has closed the gap at the key value of $ 60,000.

BTC is currently valued at just over $ 59,300. However, the chart shows that it is approaching $ 60,000 and is consolidating late in trading hours. However, the coin appears ready to break free from the correction phase. As a result, many other tokens and coins in the market will gain confidence and stability as the market tries to rebound.

Cryptocurrency market 11/21/2021: ETH price

Ethereum has just ricocheted off its strong $ 4,000 support. The coin even dipped below $ 4,000 for a short period of time, but has been bullish since then. ETH has hit $ 4,400 and is currently valued at around $ 4,380. However, it is still 5.70% below the value of the previous week. Ethereum dreamed of making a new all-time high near the $ 5,000 mark, but it has seen a significant market correction since then. However, with a trading volume of $ 14.61 billion, ETH appears ready to continue its upgrade.

Cryptocurrency Market November 21, 2021: Other Altcoins

Few tokens have made significant gains or losses while others have stuck to their old prices. BNB stands at $ 596.84 while ADA has hit $ 1.91.

However, both ETH and ADA competitor Solana (SOL) fell slightly to $ 214.63. As the token saw another 2.44% drop in value, its price has fallen about 10% since last week. XRP remains stable at $ 1.09 and DOT has hit $ 42. On the other hand, DOGE and SHIB have experienced a decline in value. DOGE has continued to decline to $ 0.23 after a 2% decline and SHIB has continued to decline past $ 0.00005 after a recent decline of 5.70%.

LUNA, LTC and UNI recorded slight increases, while LINK, ALGO, VET, XLM and AXS all declined slightly. However, MATIC, CRO and TRON stayed at their old prices with no apparent deviation.

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