The little baby doge draws attention to itself

The little baby doge draws attention to itself

Tiny Newborn Doge has earned a spot in CoinMarketCap’s news section. And guess what! There are good reasons for all of this. This news comes as a surprise to many as LBD has yet to be rolled out – it’s still on pre-sale.

LBD is the newest company to get into the dog-themed Shiba Inu cryptocurrency. A super deflationary decentralized buyback token was developed out of love for people. The fight against climate change was brought to our doorstep with this token. In short, LBD is a combination of innovation and cryptocurrency. Industry players expect it to be one of crypto’s biggest competitors – time will tell!

What does CoinMarketCap have to say

Everyone wants to have a safe home for themselves and future generations. CoinMarketCap recognizes that Small Child Doge takes this very seriously. He recognized that climate change is a global problem that requires immediate action. So she took the struggle for the future and the interests of mankind seriously. The LBD intends to achieve this by creating awareness campaigns in the crypto space.

We may not be here for many years, but it wouldn’t be fair if the carelessness suffered the consequences of our great-grandchildren. Cryptocurrencies have a revolutionary power and LBD is using this to educate people about climate change.

When you enjoy the financial benefits of cryptocurrencies, you are directly participating in the fight against climate change. In addition, she supports charities and movements that are involved in the fight against global warming.

Would you like to know the progress of the project? LBD wasted no time, they were on the run. CoinMarketCap learned that the founders of LBD held an open Check with Me Anything at All session with their Telegram community on September 10th. The aim of the meeting is to sensitize the population to global warming and to gather information about the willingness of society to fight it.

“Treat me well, I’ll treat you well” is a saying that LBD knows well, established CoinMarketCap. It does not take its commitment to empowering its investors and creating value lightly. In addition to its noble purpose of protecting the environment, LBD provides access to Binance Coin (BNB) holders through its tokenization process. But that’s not all – coin holders have the option of participating in the lottery by purchasing tickets with LBD tokens.

In addition, the platform has a decentralized exchange to exchange LBD for other coins. It also has an LBD stack that rewards holders for easily stacking their tokens. Another benefit is 2% of the network’s transaction fees charged by LBD holders. Finally, it comes with a profitable farming platform and inedible token market (NFT).

You have to ask about the official launch. Have a little patience. It will happen in stages. First, there will be an official pre-sale launch event after reaching 15,000 members on the main Telegram channel. Once this is achieved, LBD will announce the date on community social media. It is expected that 36% of the total token supply will be sold during the event, with a maximum supply of 1 trillion. The official launch will be in December, and eventually the company plans to list on two of the world’s most popular exchanges – Coinbase and Binance.

Our thoughts

Little Baby Doge is a cryptocurrency worth checking out. First, it put activism in our hands. Second, community involvement in the fight against global warming has worked. Third, the community pre-bought LBD tokens and got excited about the project. And finally, the recognition of CoinMarketCap even before the official launch (December 13th, 2021) is great news for LBD and shows that good things are still to come.

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