Spherium Finance announces cross-chain incubation and funding program

Spherium Finance announces cross-chain incubation and funding program

Spherium, a decentralized financial platform (DeFi) that provides a complete set of financial services including universal wallets, token swap platforms, automated money markets, and liquidity transfers between blockchains, has launched an incubator called HyperLaunch to bring interoperability to the forefront Bringing DeFi infrastructure.

This program will showcase innovative and exciting blockchain projects around the world on Spherium’s HyperSwap protocol – a fully decentralized cross-chain interoperability protocol for liquidity generation and token swaps.

HyperLaunch’s main motive is to act as a bridge for ambitious projects to be deployed on a single chain and to help them penetrate the diverse ecosystem of multiple chains.

Leverage the essence of cross-chain interoperability

HyperLaunch is an initiative designed to help turn innovative ideas into some of the most notable crypto startups in the industry. This also presents a potential opportunity for projects that want to be part of one of the largest cross-chain communities.

This incubation program will be an opportunity to launch projects on two main chains, Binance Intelligent Chain and Ethereum Blockchain, followed by the ongoing addition of other main chains and their ecosystems.

In addition, incubated projects can also integrate DeFi-centric solutions developed by Spherium, such as profit and staking pools or dual framing, in order to offer their users additional passive earning opportunities.

Spherium is looking for bold blockchain projects to support and encourage the use of cryptocurrencies, indivisible tokens (NFTs) and DeFi in a hyperscalable environment.

Among the opportunities associated with it, the first 50 collaborative projects will receive some exclusive features in addition to integrating the DeFi solutions developed by Spherium.

“As this is our first incubation program, we are focusing on startups with innovative blockchain ideas that can be turned into viable projects. We plan to support every startup with branding and community services, ”said Sash Jeetun, co-founder of Spherium Finance.

“That’s why we encourage startups and innovators to participate. This is an opportunity to kickstart your projects across multiple chains. We look forward to accelerating the growth of blockchain startups going forward, ”he added.

Exclusive offer for the first 50 projects

As the first incubator of Spherium, HyperLaunch will expand its range of special additions to the first 50 cooperation projects, which will add considerable added value to the development and roadmap.

  • As the whole concept revolves around creating a broader cross-chain ecosystem, the first 50 projects will have free access to the Spherium Bridge, which is currently deployed on the two main smart chains, Ethereum and Binance, and many more will follow shortly. This enables projects to swap tokens immediately and save a bridging commission.
  • Projects will also be able to generate an attractive source of income by listing their tokens on HyperSwap of a cross-chain decentralized exchange (DEX) and receiving a discount on user-generated commissions. The generated income is sent directly to the participating projects to help them build liquidity and income.
  • Spherium will also conduct extensive public relations and marketing efforts across all of its community channels to drive more exposure and volume to the list of projects on HyperSwap. This means that startups deployed on HyperSwap receive maximum coverage through Spherium’s social channels and its integrated networks in the DeFi area. This complements the consulting services of professional blockchain experts.

Make a surprising sponsorship proposal

To add even more impetus to joining HyperLaunch, Spherium will also be supporting some of the most amazing projects and ideas with a perfect use case with a grant. Further details will be announced after the launch of the HyperSwap mainnet.

Get ready to partner with HyperLaunch

Until further notice, projects can apply for the incubator and look for ways to convert their use case into a more cross-chain application. These projects receive marketing and mentoring advice right from the start, as well as additional resources and possible grants and grants. Read more here and sign up for the incubator.

About Spherium Finance

The Spherium Finance platform offers a full set of financial services including universal wallets, token swap platforms, money markets and liquidity transfers between blockchains. Our platform will act as a global financial services provider, extending basic financial services to those without a bank account.

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