Crypto this week December 5th – 11th (market …)

Market perspective

Crypto this week December 5th 11th market

“Time in the market beats the timing of the market.”

– Warren Buffett

Hi everyone, see you here again and it’s a shame we had a pretty bad weekend.

Although the truth is always difficult to accept, there is one thing you need to be clear about: “The market is always right,” no matter what state it is in. As I said many weeks ago, short-term market volatility will always confuse us, but taking a long-term perspective will help build our wealth.

In a market like this, sentiment becomes even more important.

And quoting legendary investor Warren Buffett, whom I put at the beginning of the article, will be the main topic of this week’s article.

Is “time in the market” better than “timing the market”?

It is a fact of investing that no one can accurately predict the future price of an asset, but that doesn’t stop people from constantly trying to predict the market.

In your opinion, what is the difference between “time in the market” and “timing the market”?

  • “Market timing” means that you are buying an asset with the expectation that you will be able to sell it at a higher price in the short term. Searching for “market timing” basically just proves that you are trying to “beat the market.” While market timing may seem like a twist on the popular saying “buy low, sell high”, the reality is that the future is uncertain and asset prices are changing rapidly; the asset has reached its lowest or highest point.
  • “Time on the market” means that you are relying on another argument that you are not “trying to guess when the market is lowest or highest” but buying when you find the market is undervalued. You keep it until the reason for the original purchase changes or you achieve your intended purpose.

When comparing the above two things, we will notice a distinct difference here.

Do you find that it is mostly you who make the decision? “Market timing” as “Time on the market” to the right.

Always remember that investing smartly “Focus on your own long-term financial goals.”

This is not difficult to realize, but very difficult; you must have enough faith and perseverance to be worthy of these beliefs. It’s hard to choose isn’t it my friend “Time on the market” kind “Market timing” This?

Events of the next week

Notable events for everyone next week:

  • December 6th – December 8th: APAC Blockchain Conference 2021 is the annual meeting place for the Australian blockchain community and other curious minds from around the world. Since 2017, the conference has brought together startups, developers, financiers, governments, stock exchanges and blockchain platforms to exchange ideas, gain insights and accelerate innovation.

  • December 6th – December 8th: CoinAgenda Caribbean is a conference with a focus on blockchain investment trends, attended by many high profile speakers from around the world speaking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, with a specific focus on businesses and investors.

  • December 8th – December 10th: Diffusion Digital from Outlier Ventures is an event organized by Outlier Ventures that explores some of the world’s most exciting elements of the Web 3 ecosystem – DeFi, NFT, virtual worlds, games, digital fashion, DAO …

Below you will find notable news from the projects:

That is the important information for the coming week. I hope the information I provide in this article helps everyone.

Hello everyone and have a nice weekend.

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