Poll Says Crypto Is A Popular Christmas Gift For Americans – NFT Not So Much

Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Ether top the list of the most popular cryptocurrencies that Americans want to give away for Christmas.

Would Love To! Crypto As Christmas Gift By Australians

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) and Ether (ETH) will become the gift of choice for US citizens, according to a new study by crypto lender BlockFi.

The “Real Converse: Happy HODLdays” survey conducted by BlockFi among more than 1,250 US citizens in October found that almost one in ten Americans would give their loved ones crypto as a holiday gift.

Bitcoin is the most popular gift with a large return (75%) for those who want to give or receive crypto as a Christmas present in 2021, followed by Dogecoin or Ether. On the other hand, unusable tokens (NFTs) still need time to be accepted as an alternative gift, as only 2% of respondents are interested in receiving them as a gift.

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In addition, cryptocurrencies are likely to become a hot topic on the family table, as one in three respondents would rather talk about their popular digital assets than politics during the Christmas season, a survey showed. While boomers still enjoy talking about politics, Gen Z and Millennials plan to open the conversation in crypto.

The survey indicated a lack of knowledge about how to actually offer cryptocurrencies. Less than a quarter of respondents actually know how to send crypto as a gift to someone. This shows that crypto is becoming a popular topic, but education will benefit an even larger population, said BlockFi co-founder and SVP of Operations Flori Marquez.

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Coinbase: cryptocurrencies as Christmas gifts - The Cryptonomist

BlockFi also asked respondents about their New Year’s plans. A third of millennials plan to buy crypto by 2022, while the percentage for older generations will drop to 25%. Around 15% of respondents said they would buy NFT by 2022. It should be noted that the Gen-Zers born after 1997 prefer to buy Dogecoin rather than Ether.

A similar survey conducted by Crypto.com in Australia found that a quarter of Australian crypto users plan to buy crypto gifts for loved ones this Christmas.