Crypto Market Highlights December 8, 2021

As a partnership between Nexo & Fidelity, Gibraltar integrates blockchain technology and other news compiled over the past 24 hours.

Crypto Market Highlights December 8 2021 
Highlights of the crypto market: Nexo & Fidelity partnership,

Crypto Market Highlights: Investment News

  • Mysten Labs, a crypto and blockchain infrastructure technology startup founded by four former Facebook engineers, has raised $ 36 million in a funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz, according to CNBC. The funding will help the four founders build infrastructure technology so that other crypto and blockchain-based companies can provide the technology.
  • Gambled NFT Marketplace Starly raised $ 6.1 million in a Spartan Group-led funding round. The launch of the STARLY token will take place on December 20th, followed by a listing on a Tier 1 exchange on December 21st.
  • Blockchain analytics firm TRM Labs announced that it has raised $ 60 million in a Series B fund led by Tiger Global. The company created what is known as the first blockchain intelligence platform that combines cross-chain data with threat intelligence, advanced analytics and visualizations to help companies identify cryptocurrency fraud and financial crime.
  • Sports betting website DraftKings has partnered with the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) and OneTeam Partners, the NFLPA’s group licensing partner, to launch NFT collections of games featured on DraftKings in the 2022-2023 NFL season -Marketplace will appear. The press release stated that the originally planned features include the ability for customers to use these collectibles in-game, as well as separate buying and selling features. Multiple versions and levels of NFTs are expected to incorporate different aspects of utility and digital scarcity, all of which are supported by Polygon.

Crypto Market Highlights: News on New Products and Services

▶ Cryptocurrency lender Nexo will partner with US mutual fund giant Fidelity Investments’ cryptocurrency arm, Fidelity Digital Assets, to provide credit services and oversight to institutional investors, including the launch of institutionally-focused products, the press release said. Both will develop a comprehensive suite of products and compliance infrastructure for institutional investors seeking exposure to digital assets.

▶ The Gemini crypto exchange plans to enable users in Colombia to trade cryptocurrencies through a partnership with their largest private bank, Bancolombia. This partnership is part of a year-long pilot program funded by the government to test banking services for cryptocurrency platforms.

▶ Gibraltar has announced that it will initiate a process of integrating blockchain technology with its legacy systems in order to streamline government processes. It is conceivable that the deployment, which will initially be carried out on a pilot basis, will improve the provision of public services to people and entities resident or working in Gibraltar.

▶ The mobile top-up service Ding has shown that 14% of users own Bitcoin (BTC) or other cryptocurrencies, with adoption rates of up to 25% in developing countries. The report, which examines the views of 6,250 respondents from the KSA, United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Indonesia, Germany, India, Mexico, Brazil and the Philippines, also shows that many consumers put digital assets before other consumers. such as personal loans.

▶ Polygon (MATIC) and Wanchain (WAN) have announced a strategic partnership that will drive greater acceptance of cross-chain bridges on Layer 2. Wanchain will provide decentralized cross-chain bridges that connect Polygon and Arbitrum directly and complement and enhance the Polygon suite of solutions.

Crypto Market Highlights: Stock Market News

Coinbase announced the Open Source of Kryptology, a cryptographic library for the crypto community that enables and empowers developers to create new crypto innovations using modern cryptography. They added that, over time, their goal is to support a thriving ecosystem of new and functioning cryptography for many other uses.

Nexo Partners with Fidelity Digital Assets - Blockworks

Nasdaq announced that Exchange Traded Products (ETP) cryptocurrency issuer 21Shares has listed the first two physically supported Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) on Nasdaq Stockholm and has Bitcoin and Ether (ETH) as underlyings. Along with the listing, Nasdaq introduced a new segment for ETNs, securities that are listed on a regulated exchange and track a liquid underlying asset supported by a market maker.

Bitstamp announced the appointment of Cecile Fouques Duparc, former Chief Communications Officer of Netflix, as the company’s Global Head of PR and Social Media. Cecile will be responsible for driving Bitstamp’s social and external communications strategy forward.

Delta Exchange has announced the launch of its trading farm program with a $ 50 million reward for traders. The program will begin on December 6th and will run until 2022. Users who make deposits and trades in a contract listed on Delta Exchange are eligible for the rewards.

Crypto Market Highlights: NFT’s News

A virtual anime version of Sophia, the world-famous robot with humanoid artificial intelligence (AI), is to be coded and auctioned as part of an upcoming Metaverse project called “Noah’s Ark”. This auction is part of a partnership between Alethea AI, creator of Sophia, and Binance NFT Non-fungible Token Market (NFT).

The Voices of Classic Rock (VOCR) archive has announced a new batch of non-fungible Beatles tokens, with each NFT corresponding to one of their respective Liverpudlians and containing a rare interview in WAV format along with a unique portrait. The NFTs are minted on Ethereum and can only be bid in ETH, with the starting bid specified as 1.25 ETH ($ 4,000).

Wikipedia founder Jimmy “Jimbo” Wales is offering the first editing of his website as an NFT in an auction entitled “The Birth of Wikipedia”, which also includes a desktop that Wales used to create the website: iMac G3. The auction will be held by the major auction house Christie’s and will run from December 3rd to 15th.

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