Ross Ulbricht’s first NFT sold for $ 6.2 million at auction

FreeRossDAO is purchasing the prison-generated NFTs from Silk Founders and auctioning them on SuperRare to fund future efforts to free Ulbricht.

Ross Ulbricht, Accused Of Operating Silk Road, Is Convicted Of Drug Charges  : The Two-Way : NPR

Following the announcement of the start of his NFT auction “Genesis Selection”, the alleged founder of the darknet market Silk Street, sold his first NFT for 6.2 million dollars or 1,446 ETH in the auction.

The auction started at Artwork Basel Miami via the SuperRare platform. FreeRossDAO, the decentralized autonomous organization set up to free Ulbricht from captivity, won the bid. The FreeRossDAO website states that the DAO aims to “promote prison reform” and “share Ross’ work with the world and give everyone a unique opportunity to own a piece of his work”.

Ross Ulbricht's first NFT sold for $ 6.2 million in auction 5Ross Ulbricht’s $ 6.2 million “Perspective” drawing from NFT’s “Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection”.

The first NFT for sale, entitled Perspective, was drawn with graphite pencil in prison and was part of a collection of 10 works and art works that Ulbrict had created during his lifetime. The collection also includes an animated video by audiovisual artist Levitate and a voice-over by Ulbricht telling of his prison days.

All proceeds from the Genesis Collection go to the Artwork4Supplying Fund, an advisory donor trust fund created by FreeRossDao as a legal entity to fund legal proceedings and raise awareness, the organization said.

Jailed Dark Web Marketplace Founder Ross Ulbricht to Auction NFT Artwork,  Proceeds to Fund His Release Efforts | Technology News

FreeRossDAO plans to split the NFT into ROSS governance tokens and distribute these proportionally in return for donor contributions. ROSS owners can vote on proposals and participate according to FreeRossDAO guidelines.

According to NonFungible, Ulbricht’s NFT is one of the biggest sales in the past seven days.