Why can GRT be a great long-term option for investors?

2021 is a non-stop year for the GRT token. The 53rd largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization started rising in mid-January this year. At that time the price fluctuated around the $ 0.2 mark.

The next few weeks were pretty eventful, with the token hitting a high of $ 2.8 on February 12th. Since then, however, the price chart has been rather pessimistic. At the time of writing, GRT is almost back to where it started and is currently trading at $ 0.66.


BRT 4-Hour Price Chart | The source: Trade view

Although GRT has so far decreased more than it increased, its presence in space is still noticeable. Investors are now paying more attention to developer activities related to protocols. At the same time, Graph’s performance on this front is remarkable. Graph is a protocol for indexing data queries for networks like Ethereum.

For a better understanding, consider this – the Ethereum blockchain has one of the most diverse sets of data belonging to various projects and subnets that build on its parent chain. With Graph’s indexing log, developers can easily search through any record with simple queries.

In the future, such open source indexing protocols will reorganize the chain along with query execution, improving the experience in DeFi applications. The network supports a wide range of applications on DeFi. Currently, Graph is one of the most trusted protocols providing decentralized public infrastructure for the mainstream market.

Lots of positive fundamental indicators

Despite the unhealthy price trend, the network-related activity along with the benefit and use cases is pretty impressive. Since the beginning of this month, upward movements have dominated the DAA – price divergence chart.

Typically, such divergence allows the asset to move better in the market and achieve higher goals. This was already noted in October and November of this year.

So if bullish forecasts continue to appear on the chart, GRT will likely begin to react positively.


DAA divergence – BRT. price | The source: mood

In addition, most of the HODLers remain in the ecosystem. According to ITB data, the average HODL period for this token is over 8 months. This means that the HODLer component is made up of fewer short-term traders and more medium- and long-term investors.

In fact, Santiment’s age indicators imply the same thing. The average age of the coin and the number of dollars invested has mostly increased so far. This in combination with the persistently stronger accumulation phase shows the confidence of investors in GRT.

The sentiment in deposit trades was similar, as they have fallen more sharply since the beginning of this month. The indicator shows the number of all incoming and outgoing transactions related to the GRT deposit address on a daily basis. A rise on the chart usually indicates a short term escalating selling pressure.

With the current level of the index, it can be said that most investors are calm and relaxed during this time.


Number of deposit transactions | The source: mood

So, with the positive numbers above, it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that GRT is a good long-term bet and investors can consider adding this coin to their investment portfolio. Additionally, due to the nature of the services Graph provides, the network is expected to attract more attention in the future.

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