Crypto News 7/14: Bitcoin is ready to hit a six-digit price range after the pullback ends, with news on Ethereum, Ripple, Band Protocol, BitMex, Provenance, Avalanche, Khala Network, Polygon, Travala, Divide, Set Protocol

From saying that Bitcoin is ready for the next bull run to the top 10 whales holding 20.58% of the ETH supply. Here are some highlights from the crypto market.


Bitcoin news

Well-known on-chain analyst Willy Woo says that after the retracement ends, Bitcoin will be ready to hit a six-digit price range.

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in the interview With Bitcoin bull, Anthony Pompliano, he thinks that based on on-chain data, it is only a matter of time before the leading crypto asset enters the next phase of the bull market.

According to Woo, the new price target for Bitcoin is $ 157,000. However, he predicts that this price target will be raised further once Bitcoin resumes its upward trend.

“If Bitcoin breaks out of the accumulation area, the price will rise into the region of $ 250,000 to $ 350,000. The model shows that. “

Despite sharing strong bullish targets for BTC, the on-chain analyst stressed that he doesn’t know what will happen to the crypto market in the final quarter of this year.

Ethereum news

The top 10 whale addresses on the Ethereum network currently hold around 20.58% of the circulating supply.

According to an analysis shared by Santiment, Ethereum whale addresses have accumulated an additional 2.12% of ETH’s circulating supply over the past 41 days.

Ripple News

As part of the deal, Ripple company sent McCaleb hundreds of millions of XRPs a month, and the former CTO went on to sell They come to market through a variety of transactions on a daily basis.

In less than two weeks, he sold over 101 million XRP (worth around $ 62 million).

Message tape protocol

Band Protocol, an Oracle cross-chain data service provider, announced Tuesday that its BandChain blockchain oracle is currently being upgraded to Phase 2. According to the press release, the upgrade, which was first proposed in June 2021, will be the first data network to allow providers to move data into the decentralized economy

The project hopes to gain access to richer data sources for traditional businesses by simplifying access to decentralized applications or dApps. The upgrade also allows data providers to work with Band Protocol to expand the scope of their data and make it available to developers in the chain.

BitMex messages

California District Judge William H. Orrick was declined proposed by the plaintiffs in order to provide the court with basic guidelines on cryptocurrencies in the proceedings against the BitMEX derivatives exchange.

As reported on July 13, the judge responded Tuesday with a unilateral order to the proposal from Bitcoin Manipulation Abatement LLC (BMA), stating the offer “will not be implemented”.

Plaintiffs allege that BitMEX’s parent company, HDR Global Trading Limited and executives including Arthur Hayes, Ben Delo and Samuel Reed purposely designed the exchange to attract users to participate and create favorable conditions for illegal activity. The BMA also accused BitMEX of fraud, money laundering and transfer fraud.

Provenance news

According to June Ou, Executive Director of the Provenance Blockchain Foundation, the project will leverage Bison Trails’ infrastructure to strengthen its network and help hash holders operate validation nodes.

Hash is the native cryptocurrency of the provenance blockchain, which functions as both a means of payment and a governance token.

Blockchain Provenance launches on Tendermint after its parent company Figure Technologies completed a $ 200 million investment round in May this year. Series D funding round led by Morgan Creek Digital Funding and 10T Holdings. With this round of funding, Figure Technologies is now valued at an estimated $ 3.2 billion.

Avalanche news

Avalanche said it plans to integrate forex trading into the network in partnership with Onomy Protocol.

Accordingly, merchants and retail institutions can trade, mint and lend stablecoins, all in a new cross-chain DeFi ecosystem.

News Khala Network

Khala Network won 4th place in the Parachain slot auction in Kusama with 132,280 KSM locked.

The project is now officially the 4th Parachain in the Kusama Network.

News polygon

Coinbase Wallet Mobile Apps and Extensions launched support Polygon.

Users can select “Polygon Mainnet” from their Coinbase wallet to access Polygon-based dApps.

Last year Coinbase added support for bullish rollups. In addition to Coinbase Wallet, wallets such as MetaMask also support the polygon network.

News Travala

Travala said second-quarter sales were up 141% month-over-month as global tourism rebounded.

The London-based company generated $ 9.8 million in revenue from April through June, also a significant increase from the $ 274,718 the company generated during the same period last year during the coronavirus pandemic.

in the report In the second quarter, Travala also attributed the growth results to “strategic initiatives, optimizations and partnerships” that have helped to expand and improve its services.

News Chia

Chia Network, the intelligent trading platform of BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen, has appointed five executives for various departments, including sales, product and service development, and the like, and has almost doubled its workforce since the last round of joint ventures in early May.

in the Press releaseThis will help him achieve his goal of deeper penetration into the financial services community, said the San Francisco-based company. The Chia platform was developed to make financial transactions in cryptocurrency user-friendly and energy-efficient.

News set log

The Set Protocol automated decentralized financial asset management platform is the latest project to be launched on Polygon’s Layer 2 network.

notification The move introduced by Set Labs on July 14th will help them significantly lower the barriers to entry into the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) market.

The protocol provides asset management and strategy building through a series of token sets that are similar to token indexes, groups of tokens with a single token that represents overall performance.

Popular token indices on Set include the DeFi Pulse Index, the ETH Flexible Leverage Index, and the Metaverse Index, which launched in April.

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