The eagerly anticipated public testnet launch of SundaeSwap has been postponed due to a technical error

When the highly anticipated SundaeSwap public testnet launch hit Cardano and took place on December 5th, enthusiastic users were greeted with … nothing! Instead, the team from the decentralized exchange informed its supporters that the start had been delayed due to previously unrecognized technical problems and that it should take place on December 6, 2021.

The eagerly anticipated public testnet launch of SundaeSwap has been postponed due to a technical error

Your start tweet With a cryptic joke about renaming the platform to “MondaeSwap”, the protocol’s developers, SundaeSwap Labs, revealed that a bug had been found in the protocol’s diggers when the protocol’s license was renewed.

Because SundaeSwap is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) DEX, it can fall victim to concurrency issues.

To solve this problem, the protocol introduced and selected management tools. These are nodes that create and then send transactions for all commands in the log so that multiple users can send transactions at the same time without errors.

The DEX first introduced itself to the world around six months ago, even before the smart contract integration was implemented in the Cardano network. However, the lack of development and off-site adoption has resulted in many losing confidence in both platforms, as can be seen from the Twitter responses SundaeSwap received.

While many argue that such a delay will only further discredit Cardano, others have complained about the negative price development of Cardano’s native token ADA. One user even went so far as to say

Even so, others have defended Cardano as well, reminding users that creating and executing quality code takes time and patience. In a recent interview, SundaeSwap Labs’ CIO Pi Lanningham also emphasized the importance of being thorough in order to avoid potential future problems with serious consequences, including loss of money. He has also stated that the reason for the delay is to check that the log is healthy before opening it for public use.

There is no chance

Even then, IOHK, the development arm of Cardano, published a long twitter thread yesterday outlined possible failures that users should be prepared for. It states

“Ignore any FUD. An error will occur. There will be traffic jams. We strengthen the network. But that’s what a test network is for. And an essential part of our further journey. “

It also says that congestion is a positive sign that the platform is receiving proper traffic for proper assessment, while also encouraging users to find flaws in the testnet to make the mainnet launch a perfect success. The company also reiterated that its “central approach” to the development of Cardano will remain slow and cautious, and ultimately “right”.

The eagerly anticipated public testnet launch of SundaeSwap has been postponed due to a technical error

SundaeSwap and IOHK’s insistence on due diligence is understandable given the history of past dApp launches. Within a week of the Alonzo hard fork in August, Minswap DEX and several teams were the first dApp to work on Cardano’s public test network and the first to fail. Users soon faced concurrency issues such as errors while trying to swap tokens and provide liquidity. Apparently SundaeSwap didn’t stand a chance.

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