The Sin City Land Sale Metaverse game starts on December 27, 2021


United Arab Emirates, Dubai, December 21, 2021 – Get rich, get notorious, be the kingpin in the R-rated Metaverse money game Sin Town. We are pleased to announce that Sin Metropolis’s long-awaited first land sale will officially take place on December 27th, 2021.

The Sin City Land Sale Metaverse game starts on December 27, 2021

Sin City is now opening its doors to players who want to immerse themselves in a universe in which they can not only build an empire of their dreams, but also earn crypto at the same time. Sin City game is unlike any other game you have ever seen. This massive adult-themed metaverse, dubbed GTA on Blockchain, features 15,000 lots, with each district made up of separate properties for sale.

The tiles will be 10 x 10 meters (approximately 32.81 square feet) in 17 counties, each containing unique features and resources that can be used for gameplay and revenue generation purposes. Landowners in these counties benefit greatly as these counties are farmed to receive in-game items and earn SIN tokens.

Due to the increasing demand for Sin Metropolis staking pools, 2,100 whitelisted lots will be sold within 48 hours. The sale has a discount of 3,000 and the only accepted currency is the SIN token on the Binance Clever Chain (BSC) network.

The Sin City Land Sale Metaverse game starts on December 27, 2021

In the meantime, the public sale began on December 29th with 1,000 available lots priced at SIN 4,000. Land in the four counties can be purchased on the first land sale, and if a person successfully places a deposit in one of the three staking pools starting in November and meets the minimum criteria, they will be successfully whitelisted.

The whitelisting results will be released shortly and allow users to purchase land. Land purchase prices and instructions will be announced on December 21, 2021.

Land sales are done right through the Sin City Market Map, which allows users to select the land they want to buy.

Discover the world of Sin Metropolis

In Sin Town, one of the features to look out for is the risk associated with each district: high secure, low, and unsecured areas.

A highly secure secure area allows you to move freely without fear of being attacked by other players. If you are attacked, expect the authorities to show up in a flash to protect you and lure the perpetrator into a trap.

Space In low security areas are controlled by factions and gangs and that would be a brutal thing. This means that they will only defend their territory and not all of the territory and other groups may try to capture the fortress, but it won’t be easy. The advantage is that, due to the low risk, the reward is higher than in a high-security zone.

After all, there is no safe area where there are no rules or regulations. It’s just a big battlefield. In this region, expect gang wars in all directions as players battle to protect their inedible tokens (NFTs) and steal the players they love. It’s a high risk area, but the rewards are huge.

It’s also important to note that there are different ways to generate income for landowners in each county. With land banks becoming scarce and a passive source of income, it is expected that these plots will be highly sought after.

Below are 4 districts that will open for sale with the first land sale on December 27th, 2021.


The Strip is considered a high net worth area which is a safe zone for players who want an area where they can move freely. This flick is very unique and will feature the largest casinos in the metaverse, all of which are offered by various limited partners.

Landlords can build distinctive hotels here, charge upscale clubs and even charge admission. In addition, players can mine valuable resources that can be exchanged for in-game items, such as designer watches for your characters.

This is expected to be a very social setting, with users likely to build their penthouses to party with friends after winning big at the casino.

Cartel District

The cartel district is run by gangs, which means it is a low security area. This is where you meet some of the worst people you will ever meet and players can gather vital resources like plants to build drug farms.

All of this can be farmed by landowners and sold to various sellers at a healthy profit. In addition, the player uses drugs to increase the player’s health values ​​for a short time due to the scarcity of land in the cartel district. In fact, there will be a lot of demand and a lot of shootings for various drug farms.

There is also an option to kill NPC characters who drop illegal weapons and drugs that can be marketed.


The Chinatown area will have authentic Far Eastern residences and it will also be a haven for fraud and corruption. It is considered a low security area operated by gangs, mostly triads. Nobody can be trusted in this area and it will house the most valuable asset in the entire ecosystem.

Red light district

The Sin City Land Sale Metaverse game starts on December 27, 2021

This district is the premier adult entertainment district on blockchain. This place can be discovered anonymously through video chats, adult movie stars, athletic clubs, brothels, and more. Only PIMP really makes money here.

Although it is considered a safe zone, land prices in this area are likely to be high. Players taking part here can upgrade their characters temporarily and this will be a very social environment with blockchain technology allowing adult entertainment gamers to own their own content via the NFT, the core of this area.

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