Echelon malware is distributed in Telegram groups

The cybersecurity researcher CIA officer of the LobsterDAO and Immunefi bug bounty platforms has divide Details of another malware that focuses on crypto wallets and account logins.

The expert has warned all Telegram users of new attacks on crypto wallets registered with Telegram. Accordingly, the “Smokes Night” user spread the Echelon malware by storing an infected file in chat rooms without comment.


Source: CIA officer

The expert has added a report on a similar attack to the list of affected crypto services. It includes several non-industrial wallets (AtomicWallet, Electrum, Exodus) for Bitcoin, Litcecoin, ZCash, Monero and other cryptocurrencies.

This version of Echelon offers many features such as credential stealing, domain recognition, and computer fingerprinting. It also tries to take a screenshot of the victim’s device.

This is how you can protect yourself

Malware can steal information even if Telegram users fail to open the file. The built-in auto-download option in Messenger makes this possible.

The expert therefore recommends deactivating the auto-download option in Telegram’s settings.

The CIA officer also gives an example of an archive attachment with a preview and recommends not opening similar files sent by anyone, including friends.

Echelon malware is distributed in Telegram groups - CoinCu News

Source: CIA officer

That year, Echelon was described as ransomware, a malicious software program that encrypts files for ransom. Ransomware programs stole millions of dollars over the year; Usually scammers demand ransom in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Monero.

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