El Salvador ends 2021 with nearly 1,400 bitcoins below the belt

After buying 21 new bitcoins, El Salvador Will increase crypto inventory to 1,391 tokens. This could be the Central American country’s last BTC acquisition in 2021.

As usual, the announcement was made by President Nayib Bukele via his Twitter account. All information on buying state cryptocurrency is carried out personally by Bukele through this social network.

El Salvador ends 2021 with nearly 1,400 bitcoins below the belt - CoinCu  News

No official data is yet available on these government-run activities. There is no official website authorized by the El Salvador government to post this type of information. Not even the central bank does that.

After buying 21 BTC, Bukele To write on December 23rd:

“What international organizations are calling the ‘Bitcoin Experiment’ is nothing more than how the world watches mass adoption change a country’s economy.”

He added:

“If it’s better, it’s game over for FIAT. El Salvador is the spark that ignited the real revolution. “

The Central American leader stressed cabbalistic The type of purchase, as it was made on Tuesday, December 21st, 9:00 PM, 2021:

“And we are buying 21 #Bitcoins on this occasion,” he wrote in a tweet and later pointed out:

“I will hold the purchase until 9:21:21 pm.”

He even suggested the esoteric nature of buying 21 BTC, and I suspect that this is a simple coincidence since “the total size of El Salvador is 21,000 square kilometers,” as he said in another tweet. . “Coincidence? I don’t think so! “.

The purchase of 21 BTC involves a total investment of $ 1,033,587.87 as the cryptocurrency is purchased at a price of $ 49,218.57 per BTC. Since September of this year, Bukele has announced successive purchases of the cryptocurrency.

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