DoragonLand Staking: Step-by-Step Instructions


Step 1

 Visit the Staking page at: or you can go to the DoragonLand website ( and click on the “Staking” button.

Step 2

Connect your Wallet by clicking on the “Connect to a wallet”. Please be noted that currently we are supporting the BSC network and Metamask only so make sure you choose the right network.

Once you have successfully connected your wallet, your wallet address and account balance will be displayed in the upper right banner. Other important information that you will find here are:

  • Staking Options (DOR Staking & LP Staking)
  • Total Staked Amount
  • Current DOR price
  • Total Volume last 24 hours

You can also find the Pool details with the APR and total staked token up to the present time. When you have staked, the system will update you with your last staked time, total reward, and amount of staked $DOR on each pool.

Step 3: Select your pool

Now you will need to select the staking option that suits you best, either DOR Staking or LP Staking. If you want to go ahead with the DOR Staking option, there will be 3 different pools to choose from:

  • No lock-up pool: This pool is not locked so you can stake and unstake whenever you want. A fixed APR of 5% on the initial deposit is applied.
  • 60-day locked pool: Once you have staked in this pool, you will need to wait for 60 days until you can unstake it. This pool allows you to earn a fixed APR of 9%.
  • 120-day locked pool: Similar to 60-day locked pool, you can only unstake after 120 days. However, the reward is worth this wait! This pool offers you the highest yield of 20% APR.

Step 4

As we choose the No lock-up pool option, below is the web interface. In order to deposit, you need to approve the DoragonLand website to use DOR tokens by clicking on “Approve DOR”

Step 5: Confirm the transaction fee and start Staking

Your Metamask wallet will appear right after you choose Approve DOR. There is a little BNB fee which is associated with this request. After checking the bill, click on “Confirm” to continue.

After the transaction is approved, you can start staking by entering the amount of DOR tokens you want to stake or clicking on “Max” to stake all DOR tokens on your wallet. Then choose “Stake”

Step 6: Confirm the Staking

Step 7: Confirm the fee to finish.

Your Metamask will appear one more time which shows the fee of staking, after checking the fee, you click on confirm to finish it. Now you can check your staking in the home DoragonLand Staking page.

What to expect next?

Along with the DOR staking, DoragonLand will soon introduce the NFT Staking feature which enables users to gain a $DOR bonus by depositing their NFT cards. Sounds interesting right?

Stay tuned and keep following us for future updates!

About DoragonLand

DoragonLand is a 3D tower rush game that integrates battle card gameplay and blockchain technology to create fast-paced brawls among dragon warriors where players can duel with others to collect rewards of NFT items and DOR tokens in real-time.

Inspired by the gripping gameplay of Clash Royale, DoragonLand takes players into an immersive gaming world where they can build their strong combat troops and fight against others or the system in different battle modes. By gathering resources for levelling up power and climbing to the top of the leaderboard, players can win control of the Doragon Essence deposits — the mysterious materials to upgrade their Dragons.

The characters in the game are in strong and bold shape, cute style with an energetic and playful tone, which allows players to truly enjoy the exotic experience.

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