ENS exceeds 500,000 registered domain names


The ENS service is becoming increasingly popular with Ethereum users and other users; Showing ENS names on Twitter profiles has become a trend, including names of celebrities like Paris Hilton.

However, ENS has far more real-world use cases than changing the display name on a Twitter profile or assigning an address. Other functions include reverse mapping, the display of user profiles such as Twitter user names and email addresses, and integration with global DNS domains.

Half a million .eth domains registered

Since the introduction of the ENS token on November 9th, the number of domain name registrations has increased dramatically and has now passed the 500,000 mark. That number more than doubled in November, reaching nearly 90,000 registrations, and more than 109,000 registrations in December.

ENS exceeds 500000 registered domain names

Source: dune analysis

There are currently more than 634,000 domain names registered on the network, including subdomains and DNS names that are built into ENS. Brantly Millegan, member of the ENS development team and chief operating officer, said:

“We’re looking at the total number of names on ENS, including .eth names, subdomains, and DNS names that are built into ENS. We also focused very much on the number of domains built in because so many users of the service are actually using ENS. Now there are 443 and we are very proud of that. “

The future is in the hands of the community

The ENS development team currently managed by the ENS DAO and community since the ENS token drop.

The token experienced a rather calm price movement after a sharp drop of $ 83.4 on November 11th. Compared to ATH, ENS price has fallen over 67% and is currently trading around the $ 25 region, 66.


ENS price table | Source: TradingView

Commenting on the token price action after the airdrop, Brantly Millegan said, “The community will be responsible for the airdrop.” He said he was aiming for bigger goals rather than short-term gains.

“ENS is an attempt at a new internet protocol, it’s a non-profit project labeled EIP standards and owned by the community. Our aim is to build something that people will use for years to come, instead of just turning the numbers up to make money in the short term. “

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