Jay-Z Sues Damon Dash for NFT of First Album “Reational Doubt”

Damon Dash, called co-founder of the record tag Roc-A-Fella along with Jay-Z and Kareem Burke, has been sued for selling the rights to JAY-Z’s 1996 LP Re Logic Doubt.

The record label accuses the co-founder of Dash of auctioning Jay-Z’s record as a non-fungible digital token (NFT) without consent.

Copyright and NFT

NFT is the only digital advantage composed of different kinds of electronic art, represented by code written on the blockchain, permitting verification of authenticity and ownership, two chief problems associated with digital art.

The founder or “coin” of that the NFT can place both price along with the amount of copies, and since the NFT can’t be copied, the founder is allowed to raise the scarcity and uniqueness of the advantage and boost its value.

The program of copyright to the NFT can be determined in two ways, either by the customer of the copyright or from the writer who owns himself.

1996 Copyright from LP

The record label claims Dash is trying to auction the album as an NFT without possessing the rights to it, according to celebrity and entertainment paper. ET.

“Dash doesn’t even own Reasonable Doubt or its copyrights and therefore has no right to sell the album or any rights to it,” the tag said in the complaint, asserting that Roc-A-Fella possesses all rights to Jay-Z’s 1996 LP possesses.

The record company filed a complaint to stop selling NFT and delivered a letter to SuperFarm, a stage for selling and auctioning NFTs to cancel the declared event:

“SuperFarm is pleased to announce, in partnership with Damon Dash, an auction for Damon’s copyright Jay-2’s first record, Reational Doubt. This marks a new milestone in the history of that the NFT, allowing new owners to generate future income from the only asset”



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