Can Crypto Bitcoin Bulls Sustain Bullish Momentum?

Can Crypto Bitcoin Bulls Sustain Bullish Momentum?


Yesterday morning bitcoin buyers attempted to test the $46,000 resistance, but bullish momentum could only recapture the February highs around $45,500. Because the sellers stepped in and halted the move higher.

Can Crypto Bulls Sustain Bullish Momentum Bitcoin Magazine

BTC Chart | Source: TradingView

At the end of the day, bitcoin price returned to $42,447.

After that, the bulls tried to change the situation but failed to regain the high price zone on the daily chart. Today, BTC is likely to reach the 2-hour EMA55 level.


Yesterday morning, XRP price tested $0.9 and hit a high of $0.915. At this point, the bullish momentum holds and returns to the $0.8 support level.

Crypto Bitcoin Bulls

XRP Chart | Source: TradingView

Late into the night buyers attempted to rally to the highs on the monthly chart but have yet to recover. Today, it is possible that the price will make another attempt to break into the $0.96 area.


After the false breakout, ADA price fell back below $1,209 which shows the bulls are losing strength.

Crypto Bitcoin Bulls

ADA Chart | Source: TradingView

If the buyers manage to break through this level and fix above it later in the day, there is soon a chance for a continuation of the rally into the most liquid area around $1.30.


BNB price has fixed above the $400 region, which means the bulls continue to dominate the market. However, buyers may need more time to gather strength and keep growing. In this case, the most likely scenario is sideways trading in the $400-$420 range.

Crypto Bitcoin Bulls

​BNB Chart | Source: TradingView

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