Sungkyunkwan, A Korean University, Will Award Students By NFTs In February 2022

On February 14, Sungkyunkwan University in South Korea stated that it will award non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to certain students at its graduation ceremony.

The Klaytn blockchain-based NFT awards will be given to three graduating students. According to Sungkyunkwan University, NFT diplomas can be used as legal proof of graduation at any time without the risk of losing the original or worry of counterfeit copies.

The university has decided to issue NFT awards “to revolutionize campus culture to keep up with developing digital technology and to offer a special experience for students attending the online graduation ceremony due to COVID-19.”

Sungkyunkwan University has said that it intends to use blockchain technology for awarding further credentials.

Universities in South Korea, such as Soongsil and Chung-Ang, have recently teamed with local blockchain developers to include NFT and metaverse technology into their graduate programs.

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