Review Paragen ($RGEN) – The first-ever metaverse-based Launchpad to be built on multiple chains

Paragen is a BSC native launchpad focused on the current niche whilst maintaining a multichain nature. Paragen boasts in its current market to provide users with AAA Games as well as New metaverses entering the crypto space to the community.

Concept Project – What is Paragen?

Paragen is the first multi-chain metaverse launchpad, with a special focus on NFT, Gaming, and Metaverse-based Dapps. Multi-chain is their key USP. Project has access to the best projects on multiple chains so that they don’t compromise on the quality of projects launched, being stressed out from the deal-flow crunch, as is the case with even some of the mature launches in the industry. It had a major upgrade to the Tier System to allow for a fairer system as well as a lower entry barrier when compared to other launchpads. This was a community-inspired upgrade.

Paragen is the go-to place for exploring the metaverse space. It’s a hub for game finance and the Metaworld. It creates a platform that allows games, traders, and investors to access the leading metaverse projects launched in the market. The utility of digital assets and the value of scarcity are the common elements between gaming and crypto. With the boom in blockchain gaming, Paragen is pioneering a framework for crypto games to advance their delivery via a revolutionary LanchPad.

Outstanding features

What is the project trying to achieve?

Knowing the pitfalls and difficulties of an early-stage startup, Paragen offers comprehensive advisory and expertise for early-stage projects covering all aspects of a project’s cycle, pre-IMO to post-IMO, implying their inevitable success.

Enabling long-term sustainable growth for outstanding projects: They search and explore for talent, upon discovery, they come on board as incubators. A selective process, by all means, accelerate the development contingently situating their resources and tools for such projects to utilize and leverage, therefore, achieving their full potential

Exclusive Metaverse, GameFi, and NFT offerings: Through their rigorous screening process and sophisticated research papers, their community will have a portal to access safe, secure, and prestigious projects in a single hub. Establishing a gateway for a virtual tomorrow.

Previously, Paragen followed a 4 tier system that had a higher entry barrier with a lower pool weight per tier. The ATLAS upgrade will drastically improve Paragens ecosystem with an 8 tier system of improved pool weight fairness. The Atlas upgrade will continue to give ALL users guaranteed allocation for staking their $RGEN tokens.

The ATLAS upgrade — 8 tier system
The Tiered system ranges from staking a minimum of $200 RGEN which is equivalent to $200 if the price of $RGEN stabilizes at $1, to a maximum stake of 80,000 $RGEN for the Juggernaut holders. This not only gives the chance for investors to enter at a lower entry barrier and participate but also gives allows the bigger holders to stake with a profitable entry of pool weight — 305.

What is unique selling point?

The Perks

Get exclusive sneak peeks of metaverse that is not launched in the market yet

Being a member of Paragen, you enjoy early access to NFTs and in-game assets before public release via their INO

Get access to premium releasing Metaverse-based projects including Gaming. NFT and Meta-fi projects.

Finding the best performing metaverse in the blockchain space under a single roof

No matter what tier you are in you will still be able to fairly participate without being disadvantaged via their two-scale system.


Technical Data

Key metrics 


  • Token Name: Paragen
  • Ticker: RGEN
  • Blockchain: BSC
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Contract: Updating
  • Token type: Updating
  • Total Supply: 200,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: 2,950,000

Token allocation

Token release Schedule

Token use case


Token sale

How to own the token?


Market and Community


Paragen has crossed the mark of 41,500 Followers on Twitter.


Team/ Founders



Conclusion and analysis

Paragen in the Initial Game Offering (IGO) and the genesis Initial Metaverse Ofering (IMO) set to front – run the Metaverse, gaming and NFTverse. Paragen vision is to ensure the community is given fair access to leading projects front-running the gaming and meta-industry. Their core focus is to connect the investors with metafi projects on multiple chains.

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