Review Dragon Crypto Gaming ($DCAU) – Cross-chain Gaming Platform Integrates an RPG-inspired Text-based Play-to-earn Game

Because “Gamefi” is still in its infancy, there is a scarcity of high-quality games that give the user a fun and engaging platform that encourages them to back for more time and time again. Dragon Crypto Gaming’s purpose is to build compelling games that entertain and enrich.

What is Dragon Crypto Gaming ($DCAU)?

Dragon Crypto Gaming is a cross-chain DeFi platform that merges an RPG-inspired text-based play-to-earn game with a yield farm. It intends to maximize the potential of blockchain gaming while offering the community members different ways to earn interest in their crypto assets. This project aims to be the leading cross-chain gaming platform.

The team is dedicated to creating a fantasy-themed metaverse for the community that features cutting-edge gaming experiences and a slew of revenue-generating options. They are devoted to developing a fantasy-themed metaverse that comprises NFT characters, weapons, and armor, all of which have distinct stats and tactical applications. We provide our community with Role-Playing (RPG) mechanisms that provide breakthrough game experiences and a myriad of income possibilities.

They are cultivating a flourishing play-and-earn ecosystem via the platforms that reward a devoted community of gamers and crypto aficionados through a strong alignment of financial incentives.

Outstanding Features

Play-to-Earn Gaming

Aurum provides an introduction to Dragon Crypto Gaming’s play-to-earn ecosystem. It has a primary mission in which you must train your avatar, earn experience to increase your stats, acquire great equipment, and eventually fight the Gold Dragon. Certain in-game acts will require payment in $DCAU. Income from games will be the platform’s principal source of revenue.
For further information, please see the section headed The Legend of Aurum Draconis.


The project’s successful series of NFTs: Tiny Dragons, will continue to play an important role in the ecosystem. Tiny Dragon owners can level up their beasts and battle for attractive prizes in the Arena. They can breed their Tiny Dragons in our Dragon Lab for rare and valuable attributes which they can either keep or re-sell in our own NFT marketplace or external platforms, then combine them to create your ultimate Tiny Dragon! They can also participate in our ongoing Dragon Fire Lottery to win crypto (e.g. USDT, AVAX) and rare NFTs. All of these actions will have a cost, to be paid in $DCAU, and form another income stream.

About Tiny Dragons

1000 distinct Tiny Dragons NFTs are generated by combining more than 60+ attributes. Each dragon has attack and defensive numbers that may be employed in PvP combat inside a battle arena league.

Your Tiny Dragon will be paired with another dragon of the same level before to a combat. The level of a dragon has no bearing on who your combat opponent will be; only your attack and defensive metrics are considered. Currently, each transaction utilizing $DREGG as payment allows you to level up your dragon by two points. While there is no limit to the amount of points you may add to your dragon, it is ideal to match your numbers with those of others to guarantee a balanced play experience.


The platform will also feature farms and pools where you can stake your crypto assets and earn $DCAU, which you can then use to participate in our ecosystem! Deposit fees from non-native pools will be yet another source of earnings.


Technical Data

Token Metrics

  • Token Name: Dragon Crypto Aurum
  • Ticker: DCAU
  • Blockchain: Avalanche 
  • Token Standard: ARC-20
  • Contract: 0x100Cc3a819Dd3e8573fD2E46D1E66ee866068f30
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance
  • Total Supply: 155,000
  • Circulating Supply: Updating

Token Allocation

Token Sale

Token Release Schedule

Token Use Case

The token will have value across all of our network’s levels and platforms. It is the premium money in our games and is used to purchase the most precious stuff.

How to buy $DCAU

  1. Go to this swap page.
  2. 2.Make sure the output currency is DCAU. You can also copy and paste DCAU contract address in the output currency field to ensure you are swapping the right token. The DCAU token address on Avalanche is 0x100Cc3a819Dd3e8573fD2E46D1E66ee866068f30
  3. 3.You can select any input currency based on your available wallet balance.
  4. 4.Select the amount of DCAU you want to swap for. Then click “Approve” and sign the transaction.
  5. 5.After the “Approve” transaction has been processed successfully, click “Swap” and sign the transaction.
  6. 6.You should see DCAU in your wallet balance now after the swap transaction is successful. If you cannot find it in your wallet, add DCAU contract address to your wallet.

Note: The “Approve” transaction is only needed when you swap DCAU for the first time; subsequent swapping only requires you to perform the “Swap” transaction.

Market and Community




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Lead Engineer

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Outreach / Marketing


Dragon Crypto Gaming Partners with Pangolin on Super Farms


RPGs have a massive global user base, with millions of individuals actively participating in these games. DCAU gives a complete RPG fantasy multiplayer environment and engaging in-depth gaming in which players earn money instead of paying membership fees. Due to the dearth of this kind of gaming experience inside the Gamefi, DCAU has a big opportunity to capitalize on this enormous market.

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