Review Nest Arcade ($NEST) – The first hyper-casual NFT x Play-To-Earn gaming platform on Solana.

Nest Arcade is a platform built on Solana where users can play dozens of P2E games all in one place. Fuelled by $NEST.

Concept project – What is Nest Arcade?

Nest Arcade is a P2E and NFT gaming platform built on Solana. Nest Arcade allows users to play dozens of simple P2E games with NFTS all in one place.

Nest will be the first ‘play to earn’ arcade app on the blockchain. The goal is to massively accelerate blockchain adoption through a remarkably simple app such as Netflix but for mini-medium scale games.

Players will be able to own their in-game characters using NFTS and play them in a variety of Play To Earn games.

Nest will use their own SPL token ($NEST)

The mission is to become the primary ‘play to earn’ arcade on the blockchain. To allow Players around the world to profit from playing mini-games through NFTs and crypto even without prior experience.

Nest is a combination of 3 rapidly increasing multi-million-dollar markets: NFTS, mini-games, and play to earn, all merged by blockchain technology.

Outstanding features

What is the project trying to achieve?

Value Proposition:

Value For Game Developers

  • The convenient app to host games and quickly implement P2E functionality
  • Pre-congregated audience. Immediately have your game in front of thousands of users
  • Performance-based In-game earnings. Earn transaction fee royalties and promote your NFTS
  • Focus on building incredible games, Nest handles the rest.
  • The complete user-acquisition system, all in one service
  • All in one marketplace for trading in-game NFTs to players and collectors
  • Low cost and efficient to launch a P2E game without blockchain experience
  • Trust and authority from deploying on a trusted application and brand.

Value For Players And Community

  • Hundreds of profitable and engaging games on one App
  • Exclusive to Play-To-Earn. Earn cryptocurrency by interacting with any game mode.
  • Connectivity. Connect with friends and others through multiplayer game modes.
  • Competitive. Wager and win with friends and others in supported game modes.
  • Players no longer need to be extremely skilled or build a large audience to earn with gaming. Pick up any game on our app and earn a modest income.

Nest Arcade NFTS

Nest Arcade originated from an NFT collection of playable bird characters for a ‘flappy bird’ style P2E mini-game. View the collection here.

Nest Arcade has some large plans for NFT launches in 2022 including Free Mints. All Nest Aracde NFTS will playable characters in one or more games and come with numerous benefits.

Nest Arcade’s mission 

Become the primary ‘play to earn’ arcade on the blockchain. To allow players around the world to profit and earn playing mini-games through NFTs and cryptocurrency even without prior experience. And to do this, they have 5 reasons:

  • Scalability: With every new game launched on the platform will bring a new audience of players. Nest is not niche specific.
  • Ownership: Players own all in-game assets from characters, items, and more through NFTS.
  • Rising Demand In Play To Earn Functionality: Players are not financially rewarded for their effort, time, and money spent in a game. Blockchain makes this possible.
  • Game Variety: Nest Arcades’ goal is to host hundreds of original and indie play to earn games. Making it the primary P2E platform on the blockchain.
  • Convenience: NFT gaming projects do not have a convenient platform to launch and host their P2E games or turn their NFT collection into playable characters. Nest is the perfect place to do so.

What is unique selling point?

The Nest platform is simplistic yet brings in innovative complex features at the same time. The platform itself will be a fun modern design that simply hosts a variety of mini-games. The platform over time will introduce features such as:

  • Staking Locking playable NFTS and $NEST to earn recurring token rewards and benefits.
  • Multiplayer Game Modes
  • Tournaments: Compete with friends and others in games to win prizes, NFTS, and tokens
  • Purchasable power-ups: Enhance gameplay through purchasing power-ups for specific game types using $NEST tokens
  • NFT High-scores: Mint their high score as an NFT in real-time

Ownership at the highest level:

Nest players will have full control over all in-game assets including their high scores. Asides from owning their characters, power-ups, items, and more, players will be able to mint their high scores as NTFS and truly own their achievements.

Gameplay variety:

Nest will launch dozens of high-end mini-games per year to be hosted on the App. Every new mini-game launched, brings a new audience of players and gives the current users more game modes to engage with. Mini-games for example Flappy Bird, Crossy Road, and more.

Earn $Nest Playing Games

Earn $NEST while playing casual games on the platform! $NEST is a tradable cryptocurrency built on Solana

  • On-Platform Rewards
  • In-Game Earnings
  • Purchase Digital Assets

Player Earnings

$NEST earning opportunities include:

  • Reward Programs
  • Staking NFTS
  • Participating in events
  • Referral programs
  • Bug reporting
  • Watching advertisements
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Note: The number of coins earned through each action will change as the coin appreciates.

Genesis Collection

MetaBirds is Nest’s first NFT character collection. MetaBirds is made up of 1,600 unique birds. The birds are randomly generated from 150 hand-designed attributes.

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They use layering to generate a collection of unique characters from 150 attributes. We then utilize NFT technology to store each bird on the blockchain as tokens. These are now NFTS that are tradable and can be used within our mini-games.

All birds are visible to the public and can be inspected and purchased on secondary marketplaces.


Technical data

$NEST fuels Nest Arcades Ecosystem

All in-game transactions on the Nest Arcade platform are made exclusively in $NEST. Nest is an SPL standard token powered by Solana

Key metrics 


  • Token Name: Nest Arcade
  • Ticker: NEST
  • Blockchain: Solana
  • Token Standard: Updating…. 
  • Contract: Updating….
  • Token type: Utility
  • Total Supply: $NEST
  • Circulating Supply: Updating…

Token allocation

Token release schedule

Token use case

Staking: Holders will be able to stake their $NEST tokens to earn an APY and unlock additional benefit’s within Nest Arcade.

Earnings: Users will earn $NEST tokens while playing games and using Nest Arcade products.

Purchases: Users trade $NEST to purchase digital assets and NFTS on the Nest Marketplace.

Rewards: Users can earn $NEST through weekly platform rewards and bonuses along with other prizes, NFTS, and more.

Token sale

  • Tokens for Sale: 20,000,000 NEST
  • ICO Price: $0.010000
  • Fundraising Goal: $200,000
  • 50 IDO Whitelist Spots
  • 10 MetaBird NFTS 

Winner Distribution 

  • The top 50 participants that accumulated the most points in the event will be randomly chosen to win $100 USDC
  • 50 participants randomly picked will win $100 USDC
  • 50 participants randomly picked will have a guaranteed opportunity to invest $200 in the IDO
  • 10 participants randomly picked will receive a playable MetaBird NFT (worth 1.5 SOL ~ 140USD)

Apply until 21:00 UTC on March 1

How to own the token?

The $NEST token is not yet available for trading on any exchange or DEX, the token is set to launch near the first week of March 2022 at $0.012 and trade on Raydium and other centralized exchanges.

Soon trading on


Markets and Community


The nest marketplace is for NFTS that are playable across one or more games on the Nest Arcade platform. Purchase an NFT and immediately use it within games.

  • If the user decides to buy an NFT from the marketplace for a fixed price, $NEST is being written off from their wallet. The purchased NFT are accounted to their wallet. Nest receives a 5% transaction fee from sales.
  • If the user has purchased an NFT for a fixed price from another user. NFT ownership is reassigned to the corresponding buyer’s wallet. $NEST is reassigned to the user that sold that NFT. Nest receives a 5% transaction fee from sales.
  • If a user decides to mint a brand new randomly generated NFT from an official Nest collection drop, $NEST is written off from their wallet and the purchased NFT is accounted to their wallet. All profits from sales go to Nest. 

All the in-game assets are represented in selected currency – fiat or crypto. All NFTs sales are made in $NEST


Nest Arcade has crossed the mark of 110, 900 Followers on Twitter.


Team/ Founders



Advisors & Partners 



Conclusion and analysis

Nest Arcade is the one-stop hub for a large variety of play-to-earn games and meta NFT collections. Play casual games and earn crypto on the Solana blockchain.

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