The DeFiHorse – Guide To Participate In DFH Initial Public Sale (IBCO)

DeFiHorse Public Sale

DeFiHorse is proud to host the IBCO Public Sale, from 1 PM 10/3/2022 UTC — 1 PM 13/3/2022 UTC

Read more about DeFiHorse Public Sale and IBCO method:


Token nameDFH (BSC BEP20)

Total Proceed: 6.680.000 DFH

Contract address: 0x5fdAb5BDbad5277B383B3482D085f4bFef68828C


Step 1: Access the DeFiHorse IBCO page and connect your BSC Wallet

1.1. Access

1.2. Select “CONNECT METAMASK”. A pop-up notification will be displayed to ask for your permission. Choose “Next”, then “Connect” and wait for your wallet to be connected.

 (Recommend) Using MetaMask wallet on Chrome browser and your wallet is connected with the Binance Smart Chain network. Read more:

1.3. If your wallet is connected successfully, you will be directed to the following page.

On the right column — IBCO information:

  • Total BUSD Contribution: the total amount that all investors have been contributed.
  • Est. Current Token Price: the DFH price at the current time. This value is expected to increase when more funds come.
  • Your BUSD Contributed: The amount of BUSD that you have invested.
  • Est. DFH Received: the number of DFH tokens you will receive at the current time. Please note this figure is subject to change according to its final price after IBCO.

(2) On the left column — Your Contribution

  • Function “Deposit” or “Withdraw”
  • Your Deposit Amount
  • Locked Amount: calculated based on your deposit amount according to the bonding curve. Read more about the bonding curve and how it is calculated:

Step 2: Commit your BUSD contribution

2.1. Enter your contribution amount then select “DEPOSIT”

2.2. A pop-up notification is displayed to ask for your confirmation. Select the “Confirm” button and wait for the transaction to be completed.

2.3. Once the transaction is completed, you will see the pop-up notification “Deposit Successful” on the website and the completed transaction in your wallet.

2.4. On the right column, you will see that your BUSD contributed and the Est. DFH received are reflected.

2.5. If you wish to withdraw your contribution, the withdrawal process will be exactly the same as the deposit process. You can see the maximum withdrawable amount on the dashboard.

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