Dogecoin Founder Warns YouTuber Matt Wallace Over Trademark Violation

Shibetoshi Nakamoto, the Dogecoin Founder, wrote a furious tweet to DOGE influencer and well-known YouTuber Matt Wallace. Shibetoshi warned that the Dogecoin Foundation is considering legal action against him the Youtuber for trademark violation.

Matt Wallace is a Dogecoin supporter who promotes the world’s largest meme coin on social media. According to sources, Matt recently announced that he intends to educate retailers in order to increase the acceptance of dogecoin payments. He intends to gather funding for this initiative by creating a new token dubbing Dogecoin.

DOGE’s creator was not pleased with this idea and suspected something was wrong. He called out the long-time Dogecoin supporter on social media, reminding him of the team’s legal options. Shibetoshi stated that Matt is literally breaching the law and that he is not assisting dogecoin by doing so.

To avoid any future problems, the DOGE creator advised him not to distribute the trademark violation token and to avoid discussing the coin. He went on to say that Dogecoin supporters wouldn’t mind if you stopped shilling DOGE. Another DOGE fan, Doge Whisperer, posed a serious question to Matt. He questioned why, if you are forming a team to educate retailers about accepting Doge, you are creating a new token rather than raising capital in Doge.

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