Binance: Deposit AXS, BUSD, CAKE, DREP & USDT to Enjoy High Yield and Receive a VIP Upgrade Voucher!

Binance Savings has launched a Double Rewards promotion for depositing AXS, BUSD, CAKE, DREP and USDT. For a limited time, eligible users can enjoy the benefits available to accounts of up to the VIP 4 level for two months, apart from a high-yield offer on Locked Savings.

Promotion Period: 2022-03-24 11:00 to 2022-03-31 11:00 (UTC).

Reward A: Enjoy Up to 50% APY on Savings

All users who make a net deposit amount (See details in Terms and Conditions) of AXS, BUSD, CAKE, DREP or USDT to their Binance accounts from non-Binance external sources, and subscribe to AXS, BUSD, CAKE, DREP or USDT Locked Savings, can enjoy up to 50% APY.

Locked Savings Products:

Reward B: VIP Upgrade Voucher

All users whose subscription amount in AXS, BUSD, CAKE, DREP or USDT Locked Savings and cumulative net deposit amount of these tokens on both meet the requirements specified below, can receive a corresponding VIP Upgrade Voucher and enjoy the benefits available to accounts of up to the VIP 4 level for two months.

Details on Locked Savings Subscription Amount, Cumulative Net Deposit Amount and the Corresponding VIP Upgrade Voucher:

Locked Savings Subscription and Cumulative Net Deposit Threshold (in BUSD)VIP UpgradeValidity Period
200,000VIP+12 months

Terms and Conditions

  • Users should meet both the Locked Savings subscription amount and net deposit amount requirements to be eligible for Reward B.
  • Transfers from Locked Savings to Flexible Savings before the lock period ends do not count toward the user’s subscription amount in Locked Savings.
  • Cumulative Net Deposit = Crypto-Asset Deposit Amount + P2P/Fiat Purchase Amount – Crypto-Asset Withdrawal Amount – P2P/Fiat Selling Amount (All amount will be calculated in BUSD).
  • VIP Upgrade Vouchers will be distributed within two weeks after the promotion ends. You will be able to login and redeem your voucher via Account > Reward Center.
  • Binance reserves the right to immediately disqualify any participants showing signs of fraudulent behavior.
  • Binance reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion at our sole discretion.

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