Review Dark Land Survival – NFT IDLE Zombie Defense Game Based On BNB Chain

If you want to immerse yourself in a game in which you are bothTower Defense and RPG, you should not miss Dark Land Survival. Currently You can now trade token of game $BIG on pancakewap and Q3 will have a beta test soon.

What is Dark Land Survival?

Dark Land Survival is more than simply a blockchain-powered NFT IDLE Zombie Defense Game. It’s a vast open-world built on BSC that offers a fresh perspective. Aside from the Play-to-Earn system and a compelling tale, Dark Land Survival provides a great gaming experience with campaign, dungeon, raid mode, building mode, landlord, and other modes and features. All of this encourages gamers to continue exploring and playing.

Game story: In 2265, humanity has reached the threshold of technological development. The Earth has become a nearly inhabitable planet, left with biological weapon use, nuclear-powered warfare, and human experiments that go beyond today’s standard of morality.A scientist working in a biological weapon lab accidentally breaks a tube of Virus X, resulting in a global pandemic that changes the entire faith of humans on Earth. A mutation of virus X – now called delta-X quickly transforms human dead bodies into rotten, ravenous zombies seeking human flesh. People are left to live in ceaseless terror. The unaffected become scavengers. They start collecting resources, establishing clans and communities, and cherish a dream of rebuilding the world. People have to learn to confront herds of zombies, protect themselves from evil corporations and try to survive in the universe of “Dark Land Survival”

Outstanding Features

What is Dark Land Survival trying to achieve?

In Dark Land Survival, players can experience for themselves a world that is gradually becoming more dangerous, must both struggle to keep alive and must expand new lands to find the remaining resources. Everything in Dark Land Survival matters and you have a role-playing mission to build a base, protect the mining process, and develop the strength to fight the zombies.

There are 2 primary modes in the game: PvE and PvP

  • PvP: In PvP gameplay, there will be two main modes for Survivors to compete with each other for valuable rewards as NFTs.

Dungeon PvP 1v3 (Hunting Arena): In Dungeon – Hunting Arena, 4 players will engage in a 3-minute zombie battle. Players will be ranked by their stage completion time. Similar to Quick Hunt (Campaign Mode), they have to survive challenging waves of zombies to claim their rewards after the game. Entering Hunting Arena costs players 20 DLA as a participation fee, plus 2 energy. The cumulative participation fees will then be distributed to 2 winners (First Place and Second place) as the rewards for finishing a Hunting Arena match. The remaining said fees (in case of lack of winners) will be put back into the reward pool of Quick Hunt mode.

Dungeon PvP 1v9 (Fight For Land): Zombies are overwhelming on various lands (NFT), by spending 2 energy searching for lands near by your position, users could enter the land and fight zombies. In Dungeon – Fight for Land, Survivor will go against 9 others. Whoever finishes this stage first will win a very valuable amount of DLA Token, NFT Items & NFT Land shards with the amount of resources waiting to be exploited. In this mode, the different difficulties will yield different land rarity and value.

Dungeon PvP Arena 1 vs 99 (Treasure Hunt): In Dungeon – Treasure Hunt mode, an event will take place in a certain Land area, where an item box will be placed and Survivor will have to spend 2 energy to get a chance to overcome 99 other opponents to win this special NFT treasure. Because the event takes place in a specific Land area, there will be certain advantages for the owner of the Land. Time will be limited in hours, depending on the valuation of the treasure.

  • PvE: Quick Hunt (Campaign Mode) – In PvE Game Play, players will try to protect their safe house with their own resources to claim rewards from eliminating zombies.

IDLE Mode: At the start of the game client, players will automatically be in “IDLE Mode”. There will be a small number of zombies slowly approaching your safe house. Your heroes will try to shoot them dead, defend your territory with their weapons and a barbed-wire barrier. Safehouse might get damaged when you’re not strong enough, or when you’re offline for too long. There is a maximum number of zombies appearing in one day. In IDLE Mode, your safe house can only attract a small figure of zombies at a time, and the frequency of them coming towards your place is randomly calculated throughout the day. IDLE MODE allows newcomers to have an initial overview of Dark Land Survival. IDO Mode does NOT reward users with DLA tokens.

Campaign Mode: When players press the “Start” button, they enter the “Quick Hunt – Campaign Mode” The Resistance found a way to save humanity from the verge of extinction. Pretty straightforward if you ask me, that is to wipe out all zombies on Earth. They invented a sound that can be used to attract herds and herds of zombies. In this mode, your Safe House will emit that noise that lures the zombies into attacking your territory. This is where you can face real dangers with chances to claim juicy prizes. Players will have to survive many stages with an increasing difficulty after passing each stage. That means more zombies, stronger waves, or even mutants in the next stages will appear to make the players struggle.

  • Land Gameplay: which is to be released at later phases. More information about this mode will be hinted. Stay tuned on their socials.

What is the unique selling point?


All 5 current Classes of Heroes are from the Resistance army.

Hero classes are classified according to the specific weapon class that Hero can use. A hero class is able to use weapons of other classes but not as efficiently. There are currently 5 different classes, namely: Assault, Heavy, Sniper, Archer, Grenade. Classes have their origins and characteristics based on the historical, cultural and technical traits of specific populations at the time of the disaster. A hero has some crucial base stats and traits:

  • Levels: 200 max. Hero’s level affects his/her stats Stars: ranging from 1 to 10.
  • Ranks: C, B, A, S and SS, Hero’s rank affects his/her skills.
  • Skills: Each hero has a unique skill, and we have at least 200 distinctive skills.
  • Weapons: A hero will be at his strongest when using his/her most efficient weapons.


Zombies in Dark Land Survival are categorized into 2 types: Common and Special Zombies

Common Zombies: With the following stats: Low – Medium HP, Low – Medium DPS and Moving Speed(x1)

Special Zombies: Known with the following stats and traits:

  • Fast Zombies: “Runner” – Medium HP, Medium DPS, Moving Speed (x2)
  • Rage Zombies: “Bruiser” – Medium HP, Medium DPS, Moving Speed (x1) when HP reaches 50% low, Moving speed increases to x2
  • Miniboss – “Gas Tank” – High HP, high DPS, Moving Speed (x1)
  • Boss: “Demolisher” – “ Higher HP and higher DPS than Miniboss, Moving Speed (x1)

Freaks of Nature (upcoming).

NFT Items

Dark Land Survival have many different types of NFTs including Heroes Card, Accessory Gears, Tower, Land.


Gain BIG tokens and valuable NFTs in the defending zombie’s adventure, exploring the land full of battles and missions.


Defi features allow maximizing incredible profits by Staking, Lending & Borrowing. Different pools will yield different returns such as NFTs, BIG token, land.

  • Staking: Hold BIG, DLAs and get returns
  • Lending: Lands, Hero & Weapons could be lent and get profit (Through Smart Staking)
  • Tax: Users who have not any land must join other’s land to do the quest, and pay a tax fee for the landlord
  • Clan host tax: Clan members pay a little tax for the host, so their index could be buffed
  • Hiring Fee: If you don’t want to spend time, you could hire another player to play, then you could pay a hire fee.

Smart Staking / Renting

In this “Smart Staking” mechanism, investors or players with excess resources (NFTs, tokens) can stake these assets into nft / token pools. Developers will use this pool to provide initial resources for traditional users to use to play games. All staked assets still belong to the original owners, and additionally, the amount of resources benefited by the initial capital will also belong to them. Only a part of which, when reaching a certain threshold, will be paid to traditional non-crypto users who have played the game without investing tokens into the game. At this point, the traditional user will have an option to convert that small portion of the payment to Dark Land’s tokens through the blockchain network and will be instructed to create a wallet and finally be able to officially own the earned assets.

Technical Data

Key Metrics

  • Token Name: Dark Land Survival
  • Ticker: BIG
  • Blockchain: BNB Chain
  • Token Standard: BEP – 20
  • Contract: 0x6fdda284250795dfbab53955da78de4b6f72c4f9
  • Token Type: Utility 
  • Total Supply: 400,000,000
  • Circulating Supply: 15,900,000
  • Market Cap (28/03/2022): $41,214,936

Token Allocation

Token Release Schedule

Token Sale

You can trade $BUSD/$BIG on Pancakeswap and Poocoin:

Contracts: 0x6fdda284250795dfbab53955da78de4b6f72c4f9

Price list: $0.3716

Price today: $0.102492

ATH: $0.56177

Token Use Case


Market and Community


In blockchain games, players have total control over their digital accounts and assets. You can trade, sell or gift your owned assets. You also have complete control over how you engage with the game’s economics. You can do that if you want to use them in competitors’ games. The thing is, narrow game economies no longer limit in-game assets. Since digital tokens represent in-game purchases, you can be traded freely. Basically, players can use them in any market that works on blockchain technology.


Dark Land Survival have 105.2K Followers on Twitter.


Team/ Founders

Based in Singapore, BigCat Studio is a group of veteran game experts with many years of combined experience who have come together to form a new studio with a singular vision: to create captivating narrative games. In order to conquer the GameFi world, BIG CAT STUDIO has been established by a team of people with shared minds and visions in incubating NFT Game projects and metaverses, mostly consisting of game design experts and passionate individuals to turn Dark Land Survival into the next big name in the industry.

Partners & Investors

$BIG project is receiving a lot of investment from reputable investors and reliable organizations in the world. With the familiar namesnames: Tomochain, BBG, Krystal GO,..


Dark Land is not an ordinary NFT Game, here at Dark Land, their team commits to providing players a scope of a Decentralized ecosystem: Engaging IDLE Gameplay with captivating artwork and visuals, Extensive P2E Mechanisms, GameFi Ecosystem, Metaverse and further integrations.

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If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or ideas about the project, please email [email protected].

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