Tennessee Titans Are The First NFL Team To Accept Bitcoin

The Tennessee Titans are the first NFL franchise to use a third-party service provider to take bitcoin for significant and recurring payments.

The Tennessee Titans have become the first NFL organization to use a third-party conversion provider to accept bitcoin for critical investments. 

With the formation of this agreement, fans will be able to pay for season tickets, suites, PSLs, and sponsorship options with the Titans and Nissan Stadium events using bitcoin. Fans will be able to purchase season tickets, suits, PSLs, and sponsorship possibilities using bitcoin at Titans and Nissan stadium events.

The Titans will initially only accept bitcoin for bigger transactions and recurring payments, but the team aims to expand the program to include single-ticket purchases, merchandising, and at-game food and beverage sales in the future.

Through a collaboration with the Titans, Bitcoin Magazine and UTXO Management, a Nashville-based digital assets firm, provided close counsel in order to deliver this functionality to the squad.

David Bailey, CEO of BTC Inc and partner at UTXO Management, said:

“We’re proud to partner with the Tennessee Titans as they start their Bitcoin journey and offer fans a new way to pay. 2022 is a special year as we continue to work with professional sports teams to help educate and further mass adoption of Bitcoin. The Titans are a top NFL franchise and a natural fit for this partnership.”

The Titans will be the first NFL team to take bitcoin, joining the MLB’s Oakland Athletics and the NBA’s Sacramento Kings and Dallas Mavericks.

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