Sony Has Partnered With Sun Asterisk To Launch An NFT Platform In Singapore

Sony Partners Sun Asterisk to Establish NFT Company in Singapore.

As the NFT ecosystem continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, major mainstream companies are venturing into the space. The latest is Sony Network Communications which is partnering with Sun Asterisk, a company that promotes industrial digitization, to start an NFT company in Singapore.

NFTs have become quickly popular for digitizing many things ranging from pictures to actual physical objects. The ecosystem is growing rapidly and now finds applications in several industries including games, art, sports, music, and real estate.

The new company will be engaged in contract development and consulting related to Non-Fungible Token (NFT). It will “utilize the knowledge and achievements of Sony Network and service solution business, as well as the development and operation resources, know-how and technological capabilities of Sony, in the ever-expanding NFT market.”

Contributing to web3.0 Sony

Sony Network Communications and Sun Asterisk are partnering to establish the new NFT-related company for the first time. The two companies in a report said they wish to “contribute to the diverse economic areas created in the world of Web3.0 in the future.”

As Sun Asterisk is into the digitization of “all types of industry and creating values that update the society,” and Sony Network Communication offer internet services involving the internet of things, they’re entering the NFT ecosystem and web3.0 is a perfect way to contribute to building smart industries for the future. 

Other companies entering NFT

There are many major brands that are now adopting NFTs to promote their businesses. The ecosystem helps these big names to create new streams of income and contribute to their growth. Big names involved with NFTs include Coca-Cola, Nike, Superman, and the NFL.

As NFT proves to be profitable to mainstream companies such as Sony Network Communications and Sun Asterisk, more of such companies are likely to enter the space to help forward the growth of the ecosystem.

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