Celo Weekly Recap| Apr 18 – Apr 24, 2022

This Celo Weekly Recap is provided solely for informational purposes and does not constitute investment advice. Celo’s significant activities from April 18 to April 24 will be briefly summarized in this Recap. Celo Price has been falling for the past week as the market has continued to fall dramatically. Dapps on Celo, on the other hand, continue to work to improve its initiatives. Please see the links below for more information.

Network Growth

Daily Transactions

The number of transactions this week is lower than last week. This week, there were 980,322 transactions on the Celo system, down 26.4% from the previous week’s 1,333,059 transactions. The average number of transactions per day was 140,046, down 26% from last week’s average of 190,437 transactions per day.

Unique Addresses

There are currently 10,057,800 addresses in the ecosystem. This week, 656,363 new addresses were produced, or 93,766 new addresses each day on average. When compared to the previous week, this number has increased significantly (488%). In the previous week, 111,525 new addresses were produced, with a daily average of 15,932.

Active Addresses

This week, there are 157,856 active addresses on the system, down 40% from 263,177 last week. Every day, the system has an average of 22,551 active addresses. This number doubled last week, with 63,260 addresses making transactions during the day. Most of the newly created addresses are currently inactive.

Total Value Locked

The ecosystem’s Total Value Lock has decreased by 6.8%, from $426.37 million to $397.12 million. The TVL of the Dex stack has decreased significantly by 11.74% to $329,63 million. TVL of the Lending stack has declined 9.7% to $45.8 million, indicating a drop in the lending system. In general, the Total Value Lock of the entire Celo ecosystem continues to deteriorate and shows no signs of recovery.

Highlight Events

ReFiSummer: The Birth of a Trillion-Dollar Economy

Last week, Celo celebrated its 2nd mainnet launch on earth day. The Celo Climate Collective is a group of Web3 projects, organizations, advisors, and advocates dedicated to reversing climate change by accelerating ecosystem efforts to bring natural assets to the Celo Reserve.

More Information at Click Here

Uniswap V3 Will be deployed on Celo

Voting is underway in the Celo community on the proposal to implement Uniswap V3 on the Celo platform. The introduction of Uniswap V3 on Celo will have numerous advantages, including better capital efficiency for existing Celo capital, restructuring Celo Reserve with Uniswap V3’s decentralized system, and a $10 million financial incentive for existing Uniswap users.

Celo has partnered with Dacade

Celo Development 201 was live on Dacare to build a program to learn to build an NFT application with Hardhat & React. During this intermediate course, you are going to learn about NFTs, contract development with Hardhat and how to build a React frontend with use-contractkit.

More Information at Click Here


CELO ERECTUS NFTs introduced the unique 1111 NFT Collection. this is a collection that brings a new breath to the Celo NFT World. Celo Erectus NFT carries the meaning of the story of human evolution under selective pressure as well as their own change in the CELO blockchain.

More Information at Click Here

Spotlight Projects

Top 10 Weekly Losers on Celo

Remox has partnered with Moola Market

Remox, an all-in-one tool for crypto native organizations to manage payments and treasury, has partnered with Moola, a DeFi lending protocol on Celo. As part of this collaboration, users will be able to earn a yield on their treasuries and borrow against their digital assets.

Neftme is now officially live on Celo Camp-Batch 5

Neftme has officially gone live on Celo Camp 5, a development accelerator for the Celo ecosystem. Neftme is a decentralized social NFT-powered network, that allows anyone, anywhere to create, share and sell an NFT, with any media content.

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