Meta’s Instagram is testing NFTs, and Zuckerburg says Facebook will follow suit soon

3D NFTs will be introduced to Instagram in the future, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Mark stated that Instagram has begun testing NFTs in a conversation with Web3 entrepreneur Tom Bilyeu. Facebook, another of Meta’s platforms, will soon include comparable features. Augmented reality NFTs will be added to Instagram Stories through the company’s Spark AR technology, allowing users to project digital art into physical settings, according to Zuckerberg.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosser revealed in a video clip on Monday that a restricted set of US-based users can use the NFT features in their feeds, stories, and news. NFT details, sometimes known as “digital collectibles,” are shown in the same way that starred profiles and products are. Users can discover information about the creator and owner by clicking on it.

When advertising the new features, Instagram’s CEO also mentioned the conflict between huge firms like Instagram and Web3 companies that operate on the decentralization idea.

“I want to acknowledge up front that with NFTs and Blockchain technologies and Web3 in a broader sense is about distributing trust and power. But Instagram is basically a centralized platform, so there are tensions there.”

Instagram users will be able to share NFTs in their main feed, stories, and news by connecting third-party digital wallets such as Rainbow, MetaMask, and Trust Wallet – with Coinbase, Dapper, and Phanton coming shortly. NFTs are apparently developed on top of huge blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and Flow and may appear on Instagram for the time being because they account for the majority of the market.

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Users will not be charged for publishing NFTs, according to the social media giant. Because Instagram has over a billion users worldwide, the launch of this new functionality is intended to promote the general adoption of NFTs and fast-push crypto wallets.

Despite recognizing that Web3 is still in its infancy, Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg predicts that Web3 applications will be mature in five years. The CEO stressed that the introduction of NFTs on Instagram is a first step that other Meta-owned sites will shortly follow. The idea is to encourage creators to pursue a new mode of expression.

According to a March study note from Deutsche Bank, the deployment of NFT technology on Instagram has the potential to stimulate the entire market and make it popular by simplifying the process of transacting with such assets and lowering the obstacles to accessing them.

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