Binance US has been given a Rhode Island currency transmitter license

Binance has officially secured its Currency Transmitter License from the Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation’s Banking Division.

Binance US has been given a Rhode Island currency transmitter license

Binance received a money transmitter license from the Puerto Rico Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions only last month, the business revealed on April 19. Binance continues to demonstrate its commitment to being a compliance-first business, according to Brian Shroder, Chief Executive Officer of Binance U.S., by gaining licenses throughout America and employing top legal, compliance, and regulatory expertise.

The Green Housing Public-Private Partnership Act, a law that would reward homeowners and investors with cryptocurrency in the form of a “green coin” for decreasing carbon emissions and energy bills on tenements, has been at the forefront of pro-crypto policy initiatives in the United States.

Binance.US acquired over $200 million at a pre-money valuation of $4.5 billion last month. Binance’s US-based subsidiary earned money transmitter licenses in West Virginia, Connecticut, and Wyoming this year, according to the company’s release.

Following West Virginia, Connecticut, Wyoming, and Puerto Rico, Rhode Island is the fifth jurisdiction in which Binance.US acquired a Money Transmitter License in 2022. The firm presently operates in 45 states and 7 territories through its licenses and those of its partners, charging among the industry’s lowest prices for 100+ high-quality token listings.

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