LUNA 2.0 price fluctuates sharply

On June 5, the new LUNA token (LUNA 2.0) had two catastrophic price drops.

According to the LUNA/BUSD pair trading data on Trading View, this morning, LUNA tokens lost more than 15% of their value in just 15 minutes – from about 6.32 to only 5.34 USD/token, even close to reaching the 5 USD level.

LUNA’s price then stabilized around $5.5, but it continued to suffer another sharp decline in the afternoon. As a result, this coin’s value fell to $4.9 in just 30 minutes.

LUNA 2.0 is “full of thunderstorms.”

On the afternoon of May 30, just a few hours after the Terra 2.0 blockchain was launched, the LUNA token (also known as LUNA 2.0, replaced the old LUNA token renamed LUNC) was renamed first listed on the Bybit platform. A series of other brokers were also gradually listed later.

However, on the first day of launch, the price of the new LUNA token was subject to surges and drops.

Overnight to May 30, half a day before the two big brokers, Binance and FTX, list LUNA, the price of tokens again fluctuated sharply. This time, the cost of the fluctuating token lasted until noon on June 1. It took nearly a day since the list on Binance and FTX to regain stability.

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