Mayor of Jackson, Tennessee, praised Bitcoin’s benefits in fighting inflation

Jul 19, 2021

Jackson, Tennessee Mayor Scott Conger is a bitcoin fanatic and wants his city to become a bitcoin hub to attract tech companies and innovation. The mayor is discussing creating laws that would allow Jackson residents to pay property taxes in bitcoin.

Scott Conger sings Bitcoin

Scott Conger – Mayor of Jackson, Tennessee

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez isn’t the only bitcoiner trying to bring bitcoin companies and technological innovations to his city. Scott Conger is also a Bitcoin fan.

Conger has seen inflation spike after the federal government and central bank put massive incentives in place over the past year and a half. According to the opinion from Conger, Bitcoin is the only solution to this problem.

“Why do we accept inflation? Why don’t we ask the federal government to increase it by 6.3% in 2 years? 172.8% of my life. Our dollar is losing value every year. There is no recovery. There is only one solution … Bitcoin. “

In a recent interview, Conger said he was following Miami Mayor Suarez and he believed BTC could benefit Jackson. Bitcoin is ideal for telecommuters using Jackson and could give the state of Tennessee an edge. In another interview, Conger reiterated inflation and started looking at things valued in satoshi (the smallest denomination of bitcoin).

“Let’s not accept inflation and rising CO2 emissions.”

Conger has also set up a task force dedicated to researching the benefits of blockchain and how bitcoin payments can help Jackson.

“Our Blockchain Task Force is studying how the City of Jackson TN can accept property tax payments in Bitcoin and enable DCA in Bitcoin for our employees.”

Earlier this year, Eric Adams ran for Mayor of New York City (NYC) along with Conger and Suarez with the aim of making New York a bitcoin hub and “hub of all technology”. Prior to Eric Adams, another NYC mayoral candidate, Andrew Yang, also promoted BTC during the February campaign. Conger follows in Suarez’s footsteps.


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