Enjin plans to use NFT to promote sustainability and equality as a member

Jul 20, 2021

As a member of the UN treaty, Enjin plans to use 3 NFT to promote sustainability and equality

The United Nations Global Compact, a non-binding pact that encourages companies to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, has introduced an immutable token and blockchain game, and the Enjin platform is a party.

Enjin announced today that it will be looking for ways to use non-corrosive tokens or NFTs as part of a United Nations pact to promote sustainability and equality. The company proposes using this technology in carbon capture companies to fight climate change and narrow the global gap between rich and poor by giving developers around the world unauthorized access to NFT markets.

The director of the Center for AI and Robotics at the United Nations Interregional Institute for Justice and Crime said, “As we strive to recover from the global pandemic and its effects, we are witnessing the exponential growth of technologies like AI and blockchain. Beridze. “More than ever, we need to harness and use the potential of these new technologies to ensure that in the future we are better equipped and united to make our planet a more livable and equal place for all.”

The United Nations has listed 17 Sustainable Development Goals it aims to achieve by 2030, including reducing inequality, providing quality education, and promoting responsible consumption and production. Esther Chang, executive director of the Global Compact Network Singapore, said Enjin’s involvement in the UN Treaty could help achieve these goals, given that “technology is an important part”.

The company has joined initiatives aimed at greener and more sustainable practices, including the Cryptocurrency Climate Pact, in which participants commit to achieving net emissions from consumption. Enjin says it plans to enable carbon-free NFTs by 2030 and claims its JumpNet blockchain is carbon negative

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Environmental concerns have come to the fore in global industries like cryptocurrency and blockchain as the effects of climate change escalate. The United Nations has declared that blockchain has the potential to solve the climate crisis and contribute to a more sustainable global economy.



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