Test interest in NFT versus physical collectibles with the application from the founder of Apple

Jul 21, 2021

A crypto entrepreneur wants to gauge whether interest in a collector’s item from Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs is more focused on the digital space or the physical world.

In an announcement today, Winthorpe Ventures ‘Olly Joshi said software company will auction Snoofa Jobs’ 1973 application before joining video game company Atari as a technician. At the same time, Rarible’s digital marketplace is auctioning an encrypted version of the paperwork to check which version – unusable token, NFT or real – attracts a lot of people: bid more, bid higher and at what price.

Joshi said he wanted the auction to provide insight into the perceived value of collectibles, be it physical or digital. Bidders have the option to buy physical apps using Ether (ETH) or Fiat while only accepting crypto payments for NFTs.

“Testing that with a piece of history from the most influential tech entrepreneur of our time is something very special,” says Joshi. “Will this open up a whole new market for decentralized collectibles, or will we see a world where the two can coexist?”

He added:

“We believe this will be a great testimony to the NFT and its role in the culture.”

Test interest in NFT versus physical collectibles with Apple's 50 year old founder 3's application
Application from Steve Jobs from 1973. Source: Olly Joshi

The physics application showed that the young Jobs – then still a teenager – had no work experience but listed skills in computers, computers, design and engineering. Jobs worked for Atari before starting Apple Computer with friend Steve Wozniak in 1976.

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Both auctions will take place today at 9:41 a.m. PST, respecting the launch timing of many Apple products, which will coincide with the time that Jobs will make the announcements. He introduced the original iPhone to the public on January 9, 2007 at exactly 9:41 am at the Macworld conference.

“This unique auction format will really test where the value lies,” said Rarible co-founder Alexander Salnikov. “Since I have a technological background, it is clear that I am fighting on the side of the NFT. Best Jobs App Wishes! “

Joshi said one percent of the bottom line of both auctions will be donated to the Cancer Research Institute and One Laptop Per Child.



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