The cryptocurrency exchange Bityard is updating its brand with a new logo and slogan “Grow your future on the pitch” 

Jul 21, 2021

BitYard, the world’s leading crypto derivatives exchange based in Singapore, has announced a new corporate visual identity: a new logo that highlights “B” and “Y”, a slogan. new and a vibrant color palette. The slogan is: “Build your future on the pitch”

The exchange’s brand update with the exchange’s new logo and tagline shows the strong belief in Bitcoin and its determination to become a leading global exchange.

Bityard’s new motto: “Grow Your Future on the Court”

The cryptocurrency exchange Bityard updates its brand with a new logo and slogan “Grow your future on the pitch”

While the “B” represents a strong belief in the inevitable trend that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will evolve into currencies used worldwide, the letter “Y” is derived from the word “yard” from traders with a wide range of digital investment services.

Along with the rebranding, BitYard is introducing a streamlined UI / IX on its mobile app and website to ensure that the services are running smoothly. The upgrade not only brings new life to BitYard, it also gives users a more accessible, personalized and enjoyable experience on their digital shopping journey.

BitYard’s new slogan “Grow your future on the pitch” is the basis of the company’s vision of being the perfect beginner-friendly pitch for global investors. The slogan also brings back collective memories: carefree days playing in the yard with limitless creativity. While the courtyard is a place full of children’s imagination, BitYard hopes the courtyard will inspire adults, keep them motivated and help them build a bright future and make their dreams come true.

About BitYard and the plan “Grow your future on the field”

With the “Grow your future on the pitch” image and slogan, BitYard has decided to permeate every aspect of digital asset trading services, and most importantly, BitYard intends to become an oasis in the backyards of traders endowed with rich land – a fast and secure trading platform – and lots of practical garden tools with a variety of digital financial services.

So far, the blooming backyard oasis built by BitYard covers all aspects of commercial services.

One of Bityard’s most popular offerings is spot trading, which allows users to buy and sell popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and over 70 popular Altcoins. Another service that has caught consumer attention is Contracts for Difference (CFDs), a trading service that allows consumers to speculate on rising or falling prices in fast-paced global financial markets, such as cryptocurrencies, currencies, commodities, and indices .

BitYard also supports a rookie investor service: Copy Trading. By copying experienced trading practices, new entrants with limited knowledge can thrive in the cryptocurrency market.

To showcase the latest trends in digital finance, BitYard plans to bring two new features to its users.

The first feature is Crypto Grid Trading, a new trading service that enables users of all levels to automatically plan cryptocurrency investments, manage crypto holdings and create strategies in minutes.

Another feature is the “perpetual contract,” a type of futures contract that has no expiration date and can generate profits by accurately predicting the price movements of assets without actually holding the asset.

The upcoming features are testament to BitYard’s commitment to be at the forefront of the digital financial services revolution and its commitment to drive service innovation to provide global consumers with an updated translation of transaction tools.

With comprehensive cryptocurrency and digital derivative services, BitYard is the ideal choice for users to maintain their own backyard – sowing investments and reaping rewards in a prosperous future. After the major brand upgrade, BitYard will constantly innovate to meet the ever changing needs of current and potential customers worldwide by providing them with comprehensive financial services and being reliable.

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