Ethereum developers debug EIP-1559 en route to London hard fork

Jul 22, 2021

Ethereum developers are currently working to resolve issues with code and clients on test networks as they near the next major network upgrade.

Debug the client

The latest developments in the test phase of the upcoming Ethereum upgrade were published in “…London Testnet retrospective”Released by lead developer Tim Beiko on July 21st. OpenEthereum found that its node in the Ropsten Testnet had failed on July 21. The problem turned out to be that not the client but the client due to the Go Ethereum protocol and the Geth client.

Some clients rejected the lock while others accepted and continued processing:

“In particular, OpenEthereum and Besu rejected transactions / blocks, while Nethermind, go-ethereum and Erigon accepted them.”

The bug has been fixed by adding a new validation of EIP-1559 transactions. The tests are still ongoing. The first block was produced on June 24th on the Ropsten-Testnet. And the last Rinkeby Testnet launch took place earlier this month, July 7th.

The London hard fork, Ethereum’s long-awaited upgrade slated for August 4th, is less than two weeks away. At the same time, the EIP-1559 update is coming, which should put the network in a deflationary state, but should not necessarily lower gas charges.

Another upgrade called EIP-3554 will also be added to the London hard fork with the purpose of delaying the network difficulty bomb until December, and many industry observers suggest that once this upgrade is completed, it will be in line with the full implementation of the proofing of stake algorithm in the next year there will be a deflationary effect on the Ethereum supply.

ETH price rises again

ETH Prize | Source: TradingView

Fears the ETH price will drop to $ 1,559 before the hard fork rollout eased a bit today as the price rose to $ 2,000. At press time, ETH is up nearly 8% and is trading at $ 2,009. This move raised the price from the weekly low of $ 1,735 and brought the price back up to the level it was at that time last week.

However, Ethereum has fallen 54% since its all-time high in mid-May and the bears may not be over yet.


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