Circle K convenience stores will have thousands of crypto ATMs

Jul 22, 2021

Circle K convenience stores will have thousands of crypto ATMs 3

The world’s largest bitcoin ATM operator says it will expand to Circle K locations in the US and Canada.

Bitcoin Depot announced today that more than 700 of its Bitcoin ATMs have been installed in Circle K convenience stores in 30 states as part of a new partnership. The crypto ATM distributor said the expansion could provide financial access tools for underserved communities and attract more people to the crypto space.

“Over the past year we have seen cryptocurrencies be widely used by asset managers and investment firms, but what about those who do not have access to these services?” Alona Lubovnaya, product manager at Bitcoin Depot, told Cointelegraph. “ATMs are located at Circle K and offer a slight advantage for the low-bank and the less affluent, not just those with wealth management.

The company claims to have over 3,500 crypto ATMs in operation in the US and Canada that allow customers to purchase over 30 different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), and Ether (ETH). Alimentation Couche-Tard, the Canada-based operator of Circle K, reports that its brand has approximately 7,150 stores in the US and 2,111 stores in Canada.

Bitcoin Depot announced last year that it was suspending service to some machines in high risk areas during the ongoing pandemic. Since then, the company has reported that it has restored service at all locations, despite the recent increase in the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the United States.

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The number of crypto ATMs worldwide that allow customers to exchange fiat for crypto has increased significantly in recent years. At the time of publication, data from CoinATMRadar shows there are around 24,000 crypto ATMs in 75 countries, from Kazakhstan to Australia. The majority – more than 20,000 – are in the United States.

“Our mission is to bring cryptocurrencies to people,” said Lubovnaya. “We will continue to do this in the future with a significant expansion of our partners.”



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