The Prosperous Future of MYRA- Native Currency of Mytheria

Mytheria – an NFT based and cryptographically secured thrilling deck game where the valorous Gods fight for their honor till the last card of the deck. It already stands out from the other ordinary games because of the blockchain technology incorporated in the system, but what makes it more distinctive and special is its native currency, MYRA.

This is not just an ordinary in-game virtual currency; in fact, the token holds the same importance as real money. One can invest, play, create or earn for his monetary benefits as the MYRA token maximizes the user and the gaming interaction.

The gaming and the artist communities are the most benefitted communities because of this unique yet rewarding concept. They’re being recognized and earning a handsome amount for their work and encouraging others to cash their creativity as well.

The Allocation of MYRA

The MYRA token is very advanced, and among the future 2 million tokens, the allocation is perfect for each category as discussed below:

Source: Mytheria

Staking Rewards

The first and foremost allocation is in the Staking sector. The users lock up the portion of their MYRA token to contribute to the Blockchain and get valuable rewards in return which is one of the reasons why Staking Rewards holds up the highest, 40% portion of the tokens.

Token Sale

One can purchase the additional tokens from the store, and for that, around 12.5% of the tokens are allocated for the Token Sale sector. Now in such a system, the users are more diverted towards private purchasing, and for that, this sector is further divided into private and public. The private sector holds more weightage-10% because of more utility, whereas the rest public sector holds 2.5% of the token sale.

Marketing Sector

A good marketing strategy is what keeps a business alive in this competitive industry. We all know this game is already going places because of its NFT basis; however, around 4.5% of the tokens are allocated for attractive marketing and advertising for its recognition.

Team Share

The team behind Mytheria is the ground basis of such an ideal working high definition blockchain technology game, which no other company has ever been successful in releasing. Therefore, the industrious team of Mytheria gets a good share of 20% of the MYRA tokens. 

Founders and Advisors

Mytheria is in its current form because of its founders and advisors, who practically implemented their phenomenal vision. Similarly, like the team share, the partners and advisors also earn 18% of the token.


Liquidity is an essential part of MYRA tokens. Since these tokens can be converted to real money, high liquidity is needed to ease the process. There, 5% of the tokens are allocated to enhance the liquidity of MYRA on DEX.

Beneficial Functions of MYRA

The MYRA token is not only benefitting the users but the economy as well by revolutionizing the gaming and art industries:

Economic Sustainability

Since NFTs are part of economic development, MYRA also facilitates the growing economy in the finance capital. The introduction of a concept of rewarding monetary assets to the artists adds to the sustainability of its economy.

Create-to-earn is a new in-game concept for the artist community, which has been ignored for a long time. Mytheria is a rewarding platform for artists to prove themselves and showcase their phenomenal artistry as a contribution to the extraordinary world of this game.


Like the artist community, Mytheria also encourages gamers to utilize all their skills, intelligence, and energy to excel in this competitive yet compelling game and get rewards in return.


The MYRA token can be used to purchase in-game items like cards, boosters, and different Gods. Moreover, the same token can also be used to buy assets from an auction or trade them.


Governance is yet again a unique concept of this game, encouraging users to actively participate in this activity via a decentralized organization with a voting structure and manifestoes.

Ecosystem of MYRA

The prosperity of Mytheria is on account of this in-game token, MYRA, distributed among the active participants of the game. In addition to that, the interoperability of MYRA is unmatched, one of the reasons how it seamlessly transfers within the ecosystem, which itself is very diverse, constituting purposeful participants:

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Source: Mytheria

Operators: Allows the 

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