What is Vconomics($MICS)? In the decentralized digital economy Vconomics

Vconomics is a decentralized digital economy simulation project, built and developed by FINATECH Technology Joint Stock Company. This application is based on blockchain platforms including NFT Factory, NFT Exchange, Vuniverse, Vpool, and peer-to-peer lending platform Vlending (P2PLending).

What is Vconomics?

The Vconomics application’s launch event provided the foundation for the establishment of a decentralized digital economy. With a variety of appealing features, the product is likely to attract a big number of consumers, resulting in numerous community benefits. The Vconomics app’s vision and mission in a decentralized digital economy.

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Vconomics application was officially launched on June 29th, 2021 at room №403, 4th floor, Ocean Park building (№1 Dao Duy Anh, Dong Da, Hanoi). The event had the presence of leading figures in the field of finance — technology such as CEO Ngo Van Tau, CTO Nguyen Tan Minh (GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM Joint Stock Company); Mr. Tran Duc Tam (General Manager IID — GMO-Z.com RUNSYSTEM Company), and many other important guests.

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Outstanding features

What is the project trying to achieve?

Vconomics is a decentralized digital economy providing NFT ecosystem and financial services based on customer insights and transparency, built and developed by FINATECH Technology Joint Stock Company. This application is based on blockchain platforms including NFT Factory, NFT Exchange, Vuniverse, Vpool, and peer-to-peer lending platform Vlending (P2PLending).

The project was built for a long time with a lot of enthusiasm from the CEO, CTO, BOD team, and members of the company. Mr. Nguyen The Cuong — founder of Vconomics project said: “ Vconomics’ major priority is to provide financial and technology solutions to all Vietnamese citizens, as well as to issue electronic money and invest in digital currency to assist the community in interacting with the decentralized digital economy”.

What is unique selling point?


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In the Vconomics digital economy, Vfactory is the site to make NFT, or in other words, the “father” of cryptographic works. You can earn your title by creating works of art (NFT Art), releasing unique digital objects, or building an “empire” of exceedingly rare 4.0 antiques… This token can be a physical thing or financial investment or anything. They can be found in digital form or as tokens that users can own in real life.

Purchasing/selling operations in Vfactory and creating/minting FREE NFTs on Vex (website version) is similar to but simpler than the app version and can be done easily. All user’s NFT works are synchronized to the website interface; you can interact with them directly after the NFT listing is successful.


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Vex is the abbreviation of V-Exchange, or in other words, Vex is NFT exchanges. The term Exchange has shown all the important roles of Vex, which is a trade center, where securities, derivatives, and other financial instruments are traded transparently, quickly, and securely.

Created by a smart contract, Vex will ensure fairness in transactions without the need for certification from a third party. Unlike a traditional exchange (trading floor) that only allows trading at a specific location, Vex applies advanced algorithms to support users from all over the world, creating a playground for creators, investors, or collectors of antiques 4.0.

Features of Vex

  • Centralized listing : Vex can bring many benefits to participants. Whether you enter this playground as a buyer or a seller, for investment or collectible purposes, you can benefit from trading NFT items.
  • Decentralized Transactions: Vex ensures that buying and selling transactions are decentralized, meaning there is no influence from third party, no management from any organization or individual.
  • Trading in MICS: The MICS coin will act as a peer-to-peer and be recognized by the Vconomics user community. This will be the only coin accepted in NFT transactions at Vex. In other words, crypto products will all be priced in MICS. The value of the MICS coin will increase over time as the user community grows.
  • Reliability: Vex builds users’ trust thanks to blockchain technology — the world’s most transparent and absolute security platform. Users can exchange NFTs with infinite value, free price fixing and fast checkout with just a few simple steps. Reliability is not only reflected in the trading activity but also in the unique value of NFT when this item is brought to the Vex market.


 Source: Vconomics

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