Why ASPO could be the “next-gen” of gaming like AXS & THG

Inspired by the open world of the game Tien Hiep, where anyone can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and ecosystem contribution. Players can fight, collect spirits, capture points and build their own mansion.
All ASPO art and data assets are easily accessible by 3rd parties, allowing community developers to build their own tools and experiences within the ASPO universe.

Quick overview about ASPO

The main difference between ASPO and a traditional game is the Blockchain economic design used to reward players for their contributions to the ecosystem. This new gaming model is dubbed “play for money”.
Players can earn money by Compete in PVP battles for leaderboard prizes. Collect good quality characters, equipment, and materials to exchange for ASPO. They can be sold on exchanges.
Players can earn ASPO tokens that represent a real part of the game universe as it has governance and fee-sharing built into it. Since the player can earn this token by playing, doing quests the player can actually acquire ASPO part of the ASPO universe. However, these missions are not all winners and reward each player based on their effort and skill.

SPO World is a battle-based NFT game with great graphics

ASPO World is a battle-based NFT game with great graphics, promising to be the best game you’ll ever see. Along your journey is the presence of many champions who only become stronger as this journey lasts. They are doing our best to make sure they can avoid all the forgettable bugs you have with the games you’ve tried before. If you are a fan of tactics, this is sure going to be what you’ve been looking for. Neck-and-neck PvPs, the mind game, the all-changing move that you need to make; all of those are waiting for you there. It makes sense for the winner to take it all; but even if you’re a beginner, the chance is spread evenly for all of you. By completing our quests, you are guaranteed to earn a no-small amount of our tokens. What’s better than playing games while earning some tokens. That seems more than enough for now about this project. Stay tuned and make sure you follow our channel. First comers are first served.


It can be said that graphics are the biggest highlight of ASPO World. With bold Japanese manga drawings, and extremely harmonious and bright color coordination, the publisher has been very successful in sketching a beautiful, shimmering, funny Magical world. From the background to the spirits or characters, they all have their own charisma and characteristics. This is the main attraction that the game possesses.
Accompanied by it is also an extremely beautiful battle effect, eye-catching skill effects and countless effects when players interact with features, hopefully making this game receive positive feedbacks form the participants.

UNIQUE Gameplay features

PVP competition

Each player will deposit 0.5 tokens for 1 combat, the winner will receive the loser’s deposit after deducting the gas fee. The winner will bear the gas fee. Unlimited combat p2p is considered as a form of tactical investment, whoever wins the mind game will win. Players can also earn tokens by completing the quests and wait for sale.
The person who climbs to the top of the server monthly/ quarterly/ yearly will randomly draw for a reward. The rewards depend on period. It can be stones, champions, or tokens.
Players can join in clans (clan combat mechanics will be soon updated)


Right at the time of launch, the ASPO Team released the first combat system built on top of the ASPO game assets. Like some card games, which go through many repetitions and types of combat systems, expect ASPO to have many variations of battles in the coming years. In addition, they will organize a number of tournaments dedicated to ASPO World so that garners can conquer the titles.

Tournaments & Esports

Due to its competitive and skill-based nature, its combat system is well-suited for competitive plays and Esports. this is an important aspect to the future growth of ASPO World and they have seen how players become engaged when it comes to digital money. Players can earn thousands of dollars in crypto through a variety of tournaments organized by us or third-party sponsors.


Characters are divided into three qualities: normal, rare, and elite. After each stage, the player will be rewarded with spirit spheres, spirit stones, and amber. Players can use this material + 0.5 tokens to upgrade the quality of the character (with success rate). Doing so will make the coin become rare and push the coin’s value higher
The quality of the character and the fighting strength will be correspondingly strong so that the stronger character can conquer the maps with more difficult battle strength, thereby earning more tokens according to the difficulty of the map)
Therefore, if players want to have rare or elite characters, they must collect materials and squeeze out good qualities, players can sell good quality c

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