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What is Nash?

At the heart of the Nash (NEX) coin project is a peer-to-peer matching mechanism to enable fast and complex transactions on various blockchains such as NEO and Ethereum. In addition, the platform will allow transactions and transactions to be made using smart contracts based on the technologies used in the Neo and Ethereum networks.

The main goal of the Nash (NEX) project

Nash (NEX) is a new platform designed for high speed decentralized trading and trading using cryptographic technology.

Many people in different countries cannot use decentralized exchange services because they are not compatible with their national currencies. The new project will allow users to transact with fiat currencies such as US dollars.

The authors of the platform intend to create a functional ecosystem for decentralized applications (DApps), compatible with various blockchains, including NEO, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. Applications will work using browser extensions on multiple servers allowing payments in any digital currency. It will also allow execution of transactions and transactions on various blockchains and smart contracts on the NEO and Ethereum blockchains.

What problems can Nash (NEX) solve?

Modern decentralized exchanges have a lot of problems. As in all other cases, the main problem with the decentralized model lies in performance. One of the main benefits of centralization is efficiency and scalability. This is a major reason why the potential of blockchain technology is still far from its maximum potential. It is enough to compare 15 transactions per second on the Ethereum network with 40,000-50,000 transactions per second in centralized payment and transaction systems.

The decentralized model boasts the advantage of a high degree of trust, which is not available in centralized services. However, the low performance indicator does not allow to execute complex types of trades, nor to use the arbitrage function.

Some of the solutions used by decentralized exchanges to try to solve pressing problems include government channels and efforts beyond the blockchain. However, the authors of Neon Exchange note that due to the lack of arbitrage and the availability of complex transactions such as limit orders and market orders, the development of cryptocurrency exchanges is slowing down. .

Neon Exchange Key Features

High volume

The platform is capable of handling huge transaction volumes thanks to its unique open source architecture with an independent blockchain.

Payment Service

The platform's payment service will allow third-party smart contracts based on the NEO blockchain to send and receive digital assets such as NEO and GAS.

Complicated transactions

Neon Exchange is capable of handling complex order types that are not currently available on some decentralized exchanges, such as market orders and limit orders.

Advanced wallet function

The NEX token wallet is capable of supporting the platform's crypto ecosystem by providing fast and smooth coordination between the main blockchain DApps and websites. You can install the application by downloading it from the official website of the project.

Cross-chain transaction

The platform will allow you to conduct transactions with different tokens created on the basis of the NEO and Ethereum blockchains.

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We found 3 organizations related to Nash has FLYBRIDGE, Maven 11 Capital, NGC Ventures

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