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29-08, 2022

Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Gemini… These crypto platforms offer a good old classic exchange/trading service. Yet, although they were immensely helpful during the early crypto days, nowadays, there is nothing to be overly excited about here. In fact, most exchanges take a while to actually exchange cryptocurrency and, on top of that, require users to practically bring their personal information into the open.

And then, there are custody-free exchange services. These services are gaining serious traction among crypto enthusiasts for being able to swap currencies almost tout-de-suite whilst maintaining user confidentiality at the same time.

ChangeNOW is on the list of non-custodial crypto platforms and today, we’re going to give you a quick rundown of all of its features that may matter to you as a crypto trader/investor.

ChangeNOW Crypto Exchange – Quick Summary
Official website
Listed cryptocurrencies 482
Trading pairs 70,000+
Languages supported 15
Minimum deposit $2
Native token NOW
Network ERC-20 and BEP-2
Customer support Help Center, Submit Form, and Live Chat


ChangeNOW Crypto Exchange – How It Works?

No matter if you are a seasoned or a rookie trader, ChangeNOW makes it super-convenient to buy, sell, or exchange crypto right from either your browser or their intuitive mobile app. Fill in the details – choose from over 70,000 cryptocurrency trading pairs, make a deposit, confirm the transaction, and receive crypto. Yup, it’s that simple!

Plus, with ChangeNOW, there are no such things as long and boring signups or verification emails landing right into your inbox. You can start with as little as $2, buy crypto with your Visa or MasterCard, and make unlimited swaps from that moment on!

Oh, and, don’t worry, ChangeNOW uses an automated risk-prevention system that analyzes transactions in real-time and assures the safety of your funds at all costs, even if you are not a registered user.

It’s safe to say that this service offers quite favorable exchange rates and no extra, sneaky fees are included. The estimated exchange rate and fees are instantly calculated, before the transaction is even confirmed, so you can have a crystal clear idea of how much money you are swapping and how much you are getting.

In order to provide you with a tailored, best-in-class crypto trading/investing experience, ChangeNOW also lets you choose between floating and fixed rates. As you can already guess, with fixed rates, there are no guesses, while the floating rate could be a better choice if you are on the lookout for ways to squeeze out maximum profits.

Transactions typically take up to 5 minutes and are a breeze to track, although the chances are that you’ll have your money swapped in less time.

ChangeNOW Products

ChangeNOW is way more than just an ordinary crypto exchange. It is an entire ecosystem that consists of multiple products and services, some of which include crypto loans, NOW Wallet, NOWpayments, NOWNodes, and NOWTracker to name a few.

ChangeNOW loans make it possible to benefit from both rising and falling markets without making you sell the assets you truly believe in. How do you get a loan? Choose your collateral, specify the loan amount, enter the address you want to have the loan delivered to, and confirm. Once your collateral is sent, you’ll get the loan within minutes. Simple as that!

NOW Wallet is a user-friendly,non-custodial crypto wallet that makes it easy peasy to buy, sell, and store crypto as well as to exchange fiat to crypto, crypto to crypto, and crypto to fiat.

As you can already guess, NOWTracker is a portfolio tracking app compatible with both hot and cold wallets. You can use it to stay ahead of your crypto balance in real-time and analyze your portfolio’s performance by using illustrative and colorful graphs. Putting the NOWTracker into action requires no registration and no data is ever stored so you can rest assured that your sensible info will remain protected and available to you only.

With NOWPayments, you can start accepting crypto payments in over 100 currencies, and get your money deposited to either your wallet or bank account in an instant, all whilst paying more than reasonable fees (starting from 0.4%). NOWPayments can be integrated with Shopify, Woo Commerce, Ecwid, Magento, PrestaShop, and a myriad other tools and plug-ins.

What Are the Perks of Signing Up?

ChangeNOW doesn’t force users to sign up at any moment, however, there are a couple of perks of doing so. Signing up for a premium account actually gives you access to the platform’s exclusive features that can make your experience even more personalized and buttery smooth. Some of the benefits unlocked by becoming a registered user include:

  • Getting cashback every time you make a transaction,
  • Unlimited crypto loans,
  • Access to top trading tools and features such as market and limit trading options,
  • Paying even lower transaction fees.

Creating an account literally takes seconds and it is free!

NOW Token


NOW token is the backbone of the ChangeNOW ecosystem. However, there’s more to this digital asset than it seems at first.

If you decide to sign up for ChangeNOW Pro, you’ll start receiving NOW as a cashback reward and you’ll also be able to stake it and maximize your income. NOW features progressive staking rewards, meaning – the longer you stake it, the higher the reward. For instance, staking NOW for 1 year gives you a generous 25% ROI.

On top of that, NOW gives holders access to a plethora of lucrative offers and business opportunities that are being widened continuously, which all makes it clear why this token could be a very promising investment. If you want to get your share of NOW tokens, you can do so by using one of the following services: NOW Wallet, Uniswap, and Binance DEX.

ChangeNOW for Businesses

ChangeNOW offers a range of solutions for businesses, some of which include asset listings, white-label exchange and Telegram bots, white-label non-custodial crypto wallets, instant exchange and payment processing API, and traffic monetization among others. Having this comprehensive approach and a set of tools, ChangeNOW can truly make a difference and help almost any business become fully functional and profitable. Note that payments for the above-mentioned services are made in NOW.


We recently conducted an in-depth analysis of ChangeNOW’s reputation, exploring the root causes of scam accusations made against it. To summarize, it is a credible and trusted service that contributes greatly to community trust in the crypto industry as a whole.


All in all, ChangeNOW is exactly what the team behind it claims it is – a limitless, custody-free crypto exchange that offers fairly the best rates. So, if you want to start trading crypto with ChangeNOW, and you want to do it, well… now, then go ahead, visit their website and enjoy the journey through this vast ecosystem.


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