Opensea Joins The Arbitrum Ecosystem

Popular collections such as Smolverse, the GMX Blueberry Club, and Diamond Pepes by dopex_io will be supported by OpenSea in the near future. Arbitrum NFT support will be available on the platform today, with creators advised to set their creator fees before any transactions take place.
Opensea Joining The Arbitrum Ecosystem

Following the announcement, OpenSea’s chief marketing officer, Andrew Saunders, tweeted:

NFTs are currently supported by OpenSea on the Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana blockchains.

Arbitrum One is a permissionless Ethereum layer-2 rollup that supports smart contracts and serves as an entry point into the Arbitrum ecosystem.

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Arbitrum One is currently in mainnet beta, according to the project’s development documents, which means that while the rollup operates a full feature set, the development team can make any changes and pause the network as needed.

Opensea Joining The Arbitrum Ecosystem

To be commercially successful in hosting the NFTs, OpenSea will need to leverage its one million-plus user base in a similar way that Treasure Marketplace succeeded in building a community around its NFTs by offering free mints.

OpenSea must also ensure that there are sufficient search and filter options, given that Arbitrum will be the fourth blockchain to be listed on its marketplace. A multi-chain wallet could also help buyers and sellers save time.

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