Spot Bitcoin ETF Flows Tracker: Daily Data And Charts!

Bitcoin ETF Flow Table

The Bitcoin ETF Flow Table is a concise, organized representation of the investment movements and trends within Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). It tracks the inflow and outflow of funds, providing investors with insights into market sentiment, investment volume, and overall activity in Bitcoin ETFs. This data is crucial for making informed decisions in the cryptocurrency investment landscape.
07 Mar 2024244.2473.441.442.
08 Mar 2024336.3130.38.01.7(7.6)
11 Mar 2024562.9215.549.813.0(9.7)0.043.4118.85.8(494.1)505.4
12 Mar 2024849.051.624.693.0(19.7)0.039.682.93.0(79.0)1,045.0
13 Mar 2024586.5281.55.644.
14 Mar 2024345.413.
15 Mar 2024139.8155.620.
18 Mar 2024451.55.917.
19 Mar 202475.
20 Mar 202449.312.918.623.3(10.2)
21 Mar 2024233.42.912.
22 Mar 202418.918.
25 Mar 202435.5261.814.00.018.520.511.24.00.0(350.1)15.4
26 Mar 2024162.2279.116.773.626.726.329.915.80.0(212.3)418.0
27 Mar 2024323.81.50.0200.
28 Mar 202495.
29 Mar 2024----------0.0
01 Apr 2024165.944.01.1(0.3)
02 Apr 2024150.544.84.3(87.5)
03 Apr 202442.0116.723.
04 Apr 2024144.0106.611.
05 Apr 2024308.883.
08 Apr 202421.36.340.
09 Apr 2024128.
10 Apr 202433.376.324.
11 Apr 2024192.14.611.
12 Apr 2024111.
15 Apr 202473.
16 Apr 202425.81.40.0(12.9)
17 Apr 202418.10.0(7.3)(42.7)
18 Apr 202418.837.412.
19 Apr 202429.354.84.912.
22 Apr 202419.734.
23 Apr 2024----------0.0

Bitcoin ETF Tracker

The Bitcoin ETF Tracker is a tool that monitors and reports on the performance, assets, and movements of Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds. It provides a comprehensive overview for investors to assess the health and trends of the Bitcoin ETF market.

TickerIssuerETF NameTypePriceMarketcapFee WaiverFeeAUM24h VolumeCustodianStatus
GBTCGrayscaleGBTCGrayscale Bitcoin TrustSpot $59.263.40%$41.03B$41.03B-1.50%$24.33B$442.58MCoinbaseRunning
IBITBlackRockIBITiShares Bitcoin TrustSpot $37.933.44%$18.38B$18.38B0.12%0.25%$17.24B$1.12BCoinbaseRunning
FBTCFidelityFBTCWise Origin Bitcoin Trust by FidelitySpot $58.233.39%$10.21B$10.21B-0.25%$9.90B$376.53MSelf-CustodyRunning
ARKBArk/21 SharesARKBArk/21 Shares Bitcoin TrustSpot $66.603.38%$3.25B$3.25B-0.21%$2.85B$104.77MCoinbaseRunning
BITBBitwiseBITBBitwise Bitcoin ETPSpot $36.333.47%$2.26B$2.26B-0.20%$2.16B$55.97MCoinbaseRunning
BITOProSharesBITOProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETFFutures$29.033.31%$3.03B$3.03B--$598.78M$282.11MRunning
HODLVanEckHODLVanEck Bitcoin TrustSpot $75.383.59%$618.41M$618.41M-0.25%$529.70M$16.79MGeminiRunning
BRRRValkyrieBRRRValkyrie Bitcoin FundSpot $18.873.34%$556.42M$556.42M-0.25%$501.80M$6.60MCoinbaseRunning
BTCOInvesco/GalaxyBTCOInvesco Galaxy Bitcoin ETFSpot --0.25%$383.40M-CoinbaseRunning
EZBCFranklin TempletonEZBCFranklin Bitcoin ETFSpot $38.663.56%$355.49M$355.49M-0.19%$312.00M$8.96MCoinbaseRunning
BTCWWisdomTreeBTCWWisdomTree Bitcoin TrustSpot $70.773.51%$81.50M$81.50M-0.30%$79.70M$12.05MCoinbaseRunning
XBTFVanEckXBTFVanEck Bitcoin Strategy ETFFutures$39.220.33%---$42.41M$1.60MRunning
BTFValkyrieBTFValkyrie Bitcoin and Ether Strategy ETFFutures$19.202.78%$58.79M$58.79M--$38.20M$900.92KRunning
BITSGlobal XBITSGlobal X Blockchain & Bitcoin Strategy ETFFutures$65.515.22%$29.96M$29.96M--$26.10M$674.75KRunning
ARKAArk/21 SharesARKAARK 21Shares Active Bitcoin Futures Strategy ETFFutures$63.883.51%$23.02M$23.02M--$8.01M$126.67KRunning
DEFIHashdexDEFIHashdex Bitcoin Futures ETFFutures$76.253.64%$11.35M$11.35M--$5.00M$164.69KRunning
BITCBitwiseBITCBitwise Bitcoin Strategy Optimum Yield ETFFutures$50.903.39%$13.64M$13.64M--$4.55M$300.48KRunning
BETHProSharesBETHProShares Bitcoin & Ether Market Cap Weight Strategy ETFFutures$80.513.25%$8.07M$8.07M--$4.43M$167.55KRunning
BETEProSharesBETEProShares Bitcoin & Ether Equal Weight Strategy ETFFutures$76.683.02%$6.23M$6.23M--$2.45M$498.97KRunning
ARKCArk/21 SharesARKCARK 21Shares Active On-Chain Bitcoin Strategy ETFFutures$41.172.86%$2.68M$2.68M--$1.20M$52.54KRunning
ARKYArk/21 SharesARKYARK 21Shares Active Bitcoin Ethereum Strategy ETFFutures$39.363.04%$5.39M$5.39M--$614.70K$354.64KRunning
PBTCPando AssetPBTCPando Asset Spot Bitcoin TrustSpot Pending-----CoinbasePending
Make smarter Bitcoin investment decisions with our Spot Bitcoin ETF Flows Tracker! We provide daily data and insightful charts to help you understand investor sentiment and market movement.
Spot Bitcoin ETF Flows tracker: Daily data and charts

What is a Bitcoin ETF?

The Bitcoin ETF is a game-changer for investors seeking exposure to the value of Bitcoin within the traditional financial market landscape. Unlike conventional cryptocurrency exchanges, these ETFs trade on established market exchanges, offering a convenient avenue for investors to engage with Bitcoin without the complexities associated with digital asset platforms. In essence, a Bitcoin ETF functions as a financial instrument that mirrors the value of Bitcoin, providing investors with a regulated and accessible means to participate in the cryptocurrency market. This innovation eliminates the need for investors to navigate the often intricate processes of cryptocurrency exchanges, streamlining the investment experience and making it more user-friendly.
Bitcoin ETF in the Bitcoin ETF Flows data and chart

How Does Bitcoin ETF Work?

Functioning similarly to traditional ETFs, a Bitcoin ETF would mirror the fluctuations in the price of Bitcoin. In essence, the value of one share of the exchange-traded fund would correlate directly with the market value of Bitcoin. If the price of Bitcoin rises, the ETF’s value follows suit, and conversely, a decrease in Bitcoin’s value would be reflected in the ETF. What sets a Bitcoin ETF apart is its trading platform. Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies that trade on specialized cryptocurrency exchanges, a Bitcoin ETF would find its home on well-established market exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) or the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). Read More

What Are the Differences Between Bitcoin ETFs?

Spot Bitcoin ETFs

How spot Bitcoin ETF works, understand it and after that you will see the impact of the Spot Bitcoin ETF flows daily data and chart in the price of Bitcoin
Unlike their counterparts, the Bitcoin futures ETFs, spot Bitcoin ETFs distinguish themselves by directly investing in Bitcoins as the underlying asset rather than relying on derivatives contracts tied to Bitcoin prices. Spot Bitcoin ETFs represent a regulated and accessible avenue for mainstream investors to participate in the digital currency market. This investment vehicle brings forth an opportunity for individuals who may have been hesitant or unable to engage with the cryptocurrency space directly. Notably, the appeal of spot Bitcoin ETFs lies in their ability to offer exposure to Bitcoin’s price movements without the need to navigate the complexities of holding and managing actual Bitcoins. Read More

Bitcoin Futures ETF

Another intriguing investment avenue is the realm of futures contracts, standardized agreements where two parties commit to exchanging a specific quantity of a standardized asset on a predetermined future date at an agreed-upon price. Bitcoin futures contracts, for instance, find their home on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), providing a regulated platform for cryptocurrency trading. Combining these two financial innovations—ETFs and futures contracts—leads us to the concept of a Bitcoin futures ETF—an exchange-traded fund that acquires and holds Bitcoin futures contracts while issuing shares of the fund to investors. What distinguishes this investment vehicle is the ability for investors to buy and sell these shares on mainstream exchanges, introducing a level of accessibility not typically associated with direct cryptocurrency trading. Read More

What is a Daily Flow Chart in the context of a Bitcoin ETF?

A Daily Flow Chart is a comprehensive tool that visualizes the daily trading volume, inflows, and outflows of a Bitcoin ETF. It serves as an indispensable resource for investors and market analysts alike, providing them with in-depth insights into investor sentiment as well as emerging market trends. By analyzing the data presented in the chart, one can gain a clearer understanding of the degree of market activity surrounding the Bitcoin ETF on any given day. This can potentially reveal valuable information about the overall health of the market, the behavior of investors, and the direction in which the market is likely to move in the near future.

Why is the Spot Bitcoin ETF Flows Chart important for investors?

The provided chart is a valuable tool for investors, allowing a comprehensive understanding of the ETF’s liquidity, crucial for assessing market trade ease. It offers insights into daily trading activity and investor confidence, hinting at Bitcoin interest levels. This information is useful for potential cryptocurrency investors, aiding strategic decision-making.

How can I access the Daily Spot Bitcoin ETF Flows Chart?

These charts are typically available on financial news websites, investment platforms, and sometimes directly from the ETF provider’s website.

What key indicators should I look for in the Daily Spot Bitcoin ETF Flows Chart?

These charts, which provide a visual representation of an ETF’s performance over a given time period, are typically available on a number of different platforms. This includes financial news websites, which often have dedicated sections for market data and investment analysis, and investment platforms, where users can directly buy and sell ETFs. Additionally, these charts can sometimes be found directly on the ETF provider’s website. The provider may offer this information as a part of their service to help potential investors make informed decisions about investing in their fund.

Can fluctuations in the Daily Bitcoin ETF Flows Chart predict Bitcoin’s price movements?

While the chart certainly offers a wealth of valuable insights into potential market trends, it is important to remember that attempting to predict exact price movements based solely on daily flows can be somewhat speculative in nature. It is essential that such predictions are not considered in isolation, but rather as one piece of a larger, more comprehensive analysis. This broader analysis should ideally incorporate a wide range of other relevant market indicators and financial factors in order to provide a more accurate and reliable forecast.

How often is the Spot Bitcoin ETF Flows Daily Chart updated?

It’s usually updated daily to reflect the previous trading day’s activity.

Does a high volume of inflows always indicate a bullish trend for Bitcoin?

It’s not necessarily a given. While high inflows of capital can indeed suggest an increased interest in a particular market or asset, they should not be viewed in isolation. It’s much more prudent to analyze these inflows in conjunction with other market factors. These might include things like political events, economic data releases, or shifts in monetary policy.

How do outflows affect the price of a Bitcoin ETF?

When there are significant outflows from an ETF, this could potentially exert a downward pressure on the ETF’s price. These outflows generally indicate a selling pressure, which is a result of investors selling off their holdings. Alternatively, it could also be a sign of reduced investor interest in the ETF. Both scenarios can lead to a decrease in demand for the ETF, and in turn, a drop in its price. Understanding these dynamics can provide valuable insights into the market’s perception of the ETF.

Are there fees associated with investing in a Bitcoin ETF?

Bitcoin ETF Flows from the funding management, and also the fees
Indeed, similar to other Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Bitcoin ETFs usually impose an annual management fee. This fee is expressed as a percentage of the total assets under management (AUM). This is a common practice in the financial industry, where service providers, such as fund managers, charge a fee for the services they provide. This fee is typically used to cover various operational expenses, including but not limited to administrative costs, compliance costs, and professional management costs.

Is investing in a Bitcoin ETF safer than buying Bitcoin directly?

Investing in a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) can provide a safer alternative to purchasing Bitcoin directly. ETFs, being subject to regulatory oversight, offer an added layer of protection that might not be present in direct cryptocurrency transactions. Furthermore, the ease of trading ETFs through brokerage accounts is a convenience that can help reduce the associated risks of direct Bitcoin transactions.

Can I use the Daily Bitcoin ETF Flows Chart for short-term trading strategies?

Absolutely. The Daily Spot Bitcoin ETF Flows Chart is a popular tool among traders for formulating short-term trading strategies. Traders often utilize flow data to identify short-term trends and gauge market sentiment. This information can be vital in informing and refining trading strategies, making the Daily Bitcoin ETF Flows Chart a valuable asset to have in your trading toolkit.

How does the performance of a Bitcoin ETF compare to actual Bitcoin?

Bitcoin ETFs aim to closely track the market price of Bitcoin. However, there might be slight discrepancies between the performance of a Bitcoin ETF and actual Bitcoin. These discrepancies can arise due to a variety of factors, including management fees, regulatory issues, and prevailing market conditions.

What impacts the accuracy of a Spot Bitcoin ETF’s tracking of Bitcoin’s price?

Several factors can influence how accurately a Spot Bitcoin ETF tracks the price of Bitcoin. These include the specific structure of the ETF, the management strategies employed, and any divergence that may occur between the spot market prices and the ETF’s holdings.

How are dividends handled in a Bitcoin ETF?

Given that Bitcoin does not pay dividends, a Bitcoin ETF typically does not distribute dividends to its shareholders. This is a key distinction between Bitcoin ETFs and traditional ETFs, which often distribute dividends to shareholders.

Can I invest in a Bitcoin ETF from anywhere in the world?

Whether you can invest in a Bitcoin ETF depends on several factors, including your country of residence and the specific listing of the ETF. Some Bitcoin ETFs may not be available to investors residing in certain countries due to regulatory restrictions or other considerations.

Are there tax implications for investing in a Bitcoin ETF?

Yes, investing in a Bitcoin ETF can have tax implications. Investors may be subject to capital gains tax and other tax considerations based on their jurisdiction and the nature of their investment in the Bitcoin ETF. It’s always advisable to consult with a tax professional to understand the potential tax implications of your investments.

How do geopolitical events affect the Daily Spot Bitcoin ETF Flows Chart?

Geopolitical events can have a significant impact on the Daily Spot Bitcoin ETF Flows Chart. These events can influence investor sentiment and market dynamics, potentially impacting daily flows and trading volumes. It’s important for investors to stay informed about global events and understand how they might affect their investment strategies.

Where can I learn more about interpreting the Daily Bitcoin ETF Flows Chart and making informed investment decisions?

There are numerous resources available for those interested in learning more about Daily Bitcoin ETF Flows Chart and making informed investment decisions. Financial education platforms, investment courses, and resources from financial advisors or investment firms can provide in-depth analysis and guidance. These resources can help you understand how to interpret flow data and use it to inform your investment strategies.


In conclusion, the Spot Bitcoin ETF Flows Tracker is an indispensable tool for guiding your investment decisions. It provides daily data and charts that can help you understand the market trends and make informed decisions. Always remember that thorough analysis and strategic planning are key to successful investing in the volatile Bitcoin market. Coincu strongly advises investors to continually monitor the flow and movement of the market. This is crucial as it allows them to act decisively and promptly, aligning their strategies with where the money is flowing.
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