Defi investors are targeted by phishing emails

Many investors in the Defi segment say that they have received a phishing email with an attached PDF file. Unfortunately, some of them opened the attachments.

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Yesterday, October 29, 2021, Twitter user m1 announced that he / she had received an email from an address posing as the popular DeFi investor Sisyphus of the NFT Pebble DAO product.

According to the subject of the email, it contains a simple agreement for future tokens (SAFT) from the parallel DAO project. In addition, the e-mail does not contain any text and is not signed.

“I received this email, but I was very suspicious. A call to the team. The bad situation will soon be resolved. “

The recipient confirms that they have opened this PDF file and “there appears to be a problem”. It appears to be dangerous malware.

At least three blockchain-focused heavy VC applications were targeted by this attack. The same email – but relating to Paradigm Capital – was sent by the villain to Sino Global Capital, Sneaky Ventures, and County Capital.

The “real” Sisyphus immediately claimed that he was not behind these emails:

“If you get an email from [email protected], 100% I’m not. Please do not open or click any links. (…) I haven’t sent an email from this email address for more than 24 hours ”.

In addition, representatives from Parallel DAO emphasize that their product has no SAFT, so these emails are part of a blatant scam (“keylogging”).

In addition, on October 29, 2021, during the largest carpet draw in DeFi history, $ 60,000,000 was raised from the early dog ​​project Anubis DAO as. stolen Bitcoin magazine reported. The price of ANKH, the main token of the project ecosystem, immediately fell to $ 0 after losing liquidity.

Anubis DAO does not have a website and is applying to be an offshoot of Olympus DAO.

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