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ArcBlock Price Chart Update [ABT]

ArcBlock Price Update Today

The ABT price update as of now is $2.32. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $1,127,166, and its value has increased by 2.01%. As of now, ABT's live market cap is $432,035,389, and it is ranked as the #2094 on the Coincu. ABT has a circulating supply of 186,000,000 and a maximum supply of 186,000,000.

About ArcBlock

ArcBlock: A Revolutionary Blockchain Platform

The concept of ArcBlock (ABT) revolves around a decentralized Blockchain application known as Blockchain 3.0. Unlike traditional Blockchain platforms, ArcBlock goes above and beyond by providing advanced functionalities that allow for the creation of complex implicit rules. By seamlessly connecting your system to the Blockchain network, ArcBlock empowers the automation of business processes through data and identities associated with the systems in operation.

The ABT token serves as the backbone of ArcBlock and is strategically designed to optimize transaction performance, similar to the efficiency of cloud computing. Developers can also create their own tokens with unique features inherited from the original ABT. This multipurpose token can represent various entities, including user identities, certificates, and real-world object documents. With the ArcBlock platform, users can tokenize virtually everything within their applications. In the near future, ABT will even allow users to invest in ICO projects and products offered on ArcBlock's exclusive blockchain platform.

Unveiling Blockchain 3.0 and Essential Terminology

The concept of Blockchain 1.0 revolves around a massive data store, as exemplified by Bitcoin. On the other hand, Ethereum signifies the advent of Blockchain 2.0, which combines data with smart contracts. These networks ensure secure, transparent, and fair data storage.

ArcBlock, symbolizing Blockchain 3.0, introduces a network that integrates data, applications, scalability, and blockchain access to focus on native development. Unlike other platforms, ArcBlock aims to enhance and support existing blockchains rather than competing against them.

ArcBlock: Overcoming Key Challenges

1. Simplifying Usability

Many existing blockchain applications tend to be complex and inaccessible to the majority of users. They often require users to possess a full node or install a lightweight node, which proves to be inconvenient for everyday use. ArcBlock strives to make blockchain-based products as user-friendly as mobile or web apps, ensuring utmost transparency and ease of use.

2. Lowering Operational Costs

One significant barrier hindering the widespread adoption of blockchain technology is the high associated costs. This expense also poses challenges for developers who require flexibility in creating projects without financial constraints. ArcBlock aims to support zero-fee applications, empowering founders and businesses to create profitable services without burdening users with transaction charges.

To explore further insights, you can access the complete article here.

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ArcBlock Markets
# Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
1 Coinbase Pro ABT/USD $2.33 $580,386 51.49%
2 ABT/USDT $2.33 $235,111 20.86%
3 Uniswap v3 (Ethereum) ABT/WETH $2.31 $133,600 11.85%
4 Bitget ABT/USDT $2.32 $45,538 4.04%
5 ABT/ETH $2.33 $10,197 0.9%
6 Bitkub ABT/THB $2.29 $113,913 10.11%
7 LATOKEN ABT/USDT $2.32 $8,421 0.75%
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