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ByteCoin Price Chart Update [BCN]

ByteCoin Price Update Today

The BCN price update as of now is $0.0002838. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $24,026, and its value has decreased by -0.66%. As of now, BCN's live market cap is $52,243,015, and it is ranked as the #860 on the Coincu. BCN has a circulating supply of 184,066,827,285 and a maximum supply of 184,066,827,285.

About ByteCoin

What is ByteCoin (BCN)?

ByteCoin (BCN) is an innovative decentralized peer-to-peer network that prioritizes security, scalability, and transaction speed to enhance Blockchain protocols.

The main objective of ByteCoin is to ensure user privacy through anonymous payment transactions. Moreover, ByteCoin enables safe and secure payment transactions worldwide without any fees.

Discovering the Key Features of ByteCoin BCN

ByteCoin is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency and the first coin developed using CryptoNote technology. All transactions made on ByteCoin are completely anonymous and traceable, offering several notable advantages including a module codebase, a powerful ByteCoin API, and multisignature functionality.

Building Applications with the Module Codebase

The module codebase of ByteCoin provides users with the ability to easily and efficiently build their own applications. This codebase is designed according to the latest industry standards.

Harnessing the Power of the ByteCoin API

The ByteCoin API system is highly flexible, powerful, and offers a wide range of features to cater to user requirements. Through the high-level API, users can access the core functions of ByteCoin, allowing seamless integration of payment solutions and the development of open apps for personalized wallets.

Utilizing Multisignature Functionality

The ByteCoin API grants users access to multisignature functionality, which requires multiple parties involved in a transaction to release the escrow. Multisignature also facilitates the creation of native escrow services, platform wallets, and other complex remittance-related services.

The ByteCoin Ecosystem

Understanding How ByteCoin Works

ByteCoin transactions operate similarly to other cryptocurrencies, with the key differentiating factor being the high level of anonymity offered by BCN coins.

Each computer within the ByteCoin network receives instructions from the system and verifies the ownership of the 1 BCN being transferred. Due to the anonymity of BCN coins, the network cannot initially identify the sender of the BCN. The system verifies the validity of the signature and ensures the absence of any access to personal data.

Subsequently, the computers in the ByteCoin network categorize the transactions to be processed into blocks. Each computer represents a block pattern of transactions to safeguard the network against transaction tampering. Ultimately, the network computers discover the correct block structure and add it to the Blockchain.

Each block in the ByteCoin network takes approximately 120 seconds to complete. During this time, the system verifies the authenticity of the entire transaction and processes it. The recipient of the BCN becomes the rightful owner of the coins.

The ByteCoin Issuance Process

The issuance of BCN coins is an open process that utilizes the computing power of all network participants. Any user can actively participate in the issuance of BCN coins and contribute to the ByteCoin network.

All cryptocurrency transactions within the ByteCoin network are completed within 120 seconds. Miners must ensure the accurate processing of their transactions and provide personal cryptographic protection. However, miners do not have access to users' financial data. ByteCoin consistently safeguards the identity of both the sender and receiver while concealing the transferred amount.

Miners receive a bounty of approximately 65,000 BCN every 120 seconds. This approach enables them to issue new coins and facilitate zero-fee transaction payments.

Reducing ByteCoin Issuance

As time passes, the price of ByteCoin gradually increases due to the limited issuance of 184.47 billion BCN coins. The number of releases per 120 seconds is also slightly reduced. Consequently, BCN experiences an increase in value and exchange rate. In contrast, other cryptocurrencies that encounter a decrease in network power per block undergo slower issuance to protect the coin from economic shocks.

Roadmap of ByteCoin


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ByteCoin Markets
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1 BCN/USDT $0.0002846 $13,703 57.52%
2 BCN/BTC $0.0002825 $10,119 42.48%
3 HitBTC BCN/BTC $0.00002147 $98 0.41%
4 HitBTC BCN/USD $0.00002180 $65 0.27%
5 TradeOgre BCN/LTC $0.00002049 $5 0.02%
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