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Cortex Price Chart Update [CTXC]

Cortex Price Update Today

The CTXC price update as of now is $0.1623. In the previous 24 hours, its trading volume was $4,162,205, and its value has decreased by -0.98%. As of now, CTXC's live market cap is $1,629,272, and it is ranked as the #744 on the Coincu. CTXC has a circulating supply of 299,792,458 and a maximum supply of 299,792,458.

About Cortex

Overview of Cortex (CTXC)

Cortex is a public blockchain infrastructure designed to support the execution of AI algorithms and AI-powered dApps. It provides a platform for AI developers to upload their models onto the blockchain and integrate them into smart contracts.

Cortex utilizes PoW network consensus to validate each step of the machine-learning inference process.

The Technology Behind Cortex

The primary technology utilized by the Cortex blockchain is the Cortex Virtual Machine (CVM). Based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), the CVM is backward-compatible with the EVM but includes additional layers specifically designed for AI inference, such as infer instructions and a deterministic inference engine known as Synapse. Infer instructions allow models to be invoked in smart contracts through instruction sets, while the deterministic inference engine ensures consistent results across different computing environments, enabling network consensus on AI program executions.

The CTXC Token

The CTXC token serves as a transaction and smart-contract execution fee on the Cortex blockchain. When a transaction is initiated, Endorphins fees (similar to Ethereum's Gas fee) are allocated to miners who participate in block packaging on the full node. Additionally, AI model providers are compensated using these fees.

The cost of the Endorphin is proportional to the size of the model, meaning that the larger the model, the higher the cost. This incentivizes smart contract developers to support and incentivize AI developers, while AI developers are motivated to offer high-quality AI models to smart contract developers. This symbiotic relationship fosters an ecosystem that drives the development of superior AI models. Ultimately, the Cortex blockchain has the potential to decentralize AI by creating a tokenomic model that encourages AI developers to share their models.

AI Integration in Decentralized Applications

Just as AI can enhance conventional applications, it can also enhance decentralized applications. For example, in the gaming industry, on-chain AI can function as unbiased referees or enhance the characteristics of game characters. An example of this can be seen in the recently launched game Digital Clash on the Cortex blockchain.

Key Features of Cortex Coin

Cortex offers several key features, including:

  • Smart AI Contracts: Users can write AI-related programs on the Cortex blockchain and submit them to other smart contracts after confirmation.
  • Cortex Virtual Machine: Cortex has its own virtual machine called the Cortex Virtual Machine (CVM), which is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and supports knowledgebases for inference.
  • Cortex Inference Consensus: Cortex smart contracts incorporate knowledge for inferencing specific outcomes, requiring all nodes in the platform to agree with the results of this inferencing process, establishing consensus.
  • Framework Submission Model: Cortex provides a submission interface that allows users to collaborate and transact between compute providers and algorithm providers, serving as a bridge within the Cortex ecosystem.
  • Cortex Intelligence Inference Framework: Cortex allows machine learning researchers to upload well-trained AI models to be accessed and utilized by users in need of these models, providing compensation to the vendors.
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Cortex Markets
# Exchange Pair Price Volume Mkt Share Recommend
1 Binance CTXC/USDT $0.1622 $1,739,309 41.88%
2 BitMart CTXC/USDT $0.1623 $682,531 16.43%
3 HTX Global CTXC/USDT $0.1618 $512,565 12.34%
4 Bithumb CTXC/KRW $0.1656 $424,837 10.23%
5 OKX CTXC/USDT $0.1623 $153,181 3.69%
6 MEXC Global CTXC/USDT $0.1623 $56,912 1.37%
7 Binance CTXC/BTC $0.1624 $22,525 0.54%
8 OKX CTXC/USDC $0.1626 $1,786 0.04%
9 Bitkub CTXC/THB $0.1630 $486,294 11.71%
10 BingX CTXC/USDT $0.1625 $54,368 1.31%
11 CoinW CTXC/USDT $0.1626 $12,163 0.29%
12 CoinEx CTXC/USDT $0.1620 $4,029 0.1%
13 WazirX CTXC/INR $0.1808 $1,212 0.03%
14 WazirX CTXC/USDT $0.1595 $1,027 0.02%
15 Mudrex CTXC/USDT $0.1627 $208 0%
16 CTXC/USDT $0.1620 $8 0%
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